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      Below are the minutes from our General Membership meeting on August 26, 2005. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

      General Membership Mtg. – August 26, 2005
      Meeting called to order at: 9:52PM

      Susan DiBattista read the minutes from the 2003 meeting and they were approved as read.

      General Membership Meeting – Sept. 26, 2003

      Elections The Board recommended re-nominating the current Officers and Board members. Nominations will continue to be accepted for these positions as solicited in the Rootes Review.

      Newsletter Ideas on improving the newsletter were discussed and a cost analysis will be done. Regional reps were asked to submit monthly articles to the newsletter.

      Website The e-mail link will be discontinued.

      United The Board discussed next year’s SUNI and TE/AE’s involvement in the event. More discussion will be needed to define TE/AE’s involvement and whether shifting of the 5 year plan is in order. A proposal for the location of the 2005 (or later) United was presented by John Miller for Alexandria Bay, New York.

      Regional representatives Recommendations for a Deep South rep. and a New Jersey rep. were taken and there were no nominations.

      Committee Reports:

      Treasurer: V. Moon not present. In treasurer’s absence, President gave a brief report as follows:
      1) Newsletter costs continue to come down, 2) Membership income is $962.00 over newsletter cost YTD, 3) Club is on target to be in the black for 2005, 4) Current club cash balance: $8800.00. (see Vondas report)

      Regalia: Eric Gibeaut absent

      Publicity: Vacant

      Newsletter: Fred presented copies of proposals from printers. Fred to look into cost of 4-color printing. Converting files to PDF. F. Baum to look into cost of PDF files.

      Membership: 590 members. 47 states, PA has most members followed by FL & OH.
      32 new members, 80 dropped members (not renewed). 404 tigers, 289 alpines, 24 other.

      Website: Jim D’Amelio absent

      Old Business Action items:

      Elections – have been executed.

      Newsletter – Fred Baum has been improving the newsletter with his creativity and is comparing quotes to help cut cost and improve the quality of the Rootes Review.
      Regional reps were asked to submit monthly articles to the newsletter.

      Website: The e-mail link has been discontinued.

      United: Where here so United XXV has been executed. We will participate in SUNI V. It has been inserted into our 5-year plan. TE/AE would like to see changes in the planning stage so all clubs can partisapate. I have contacted the other club Presidents and have had positive responses from Jere Teepen from CAT, Dick Sanders from PTC, Nicole Taylor from STOA, and Mike Philips from SAOCA, all want to have a representative to serve on the SUNI V panel. Max Pahmier is the problem, he does not want to change how he runs SUNI.

      New Business (Agenda):

      Trademark Issues: Frank Mooney a lawyer and TE/AE member has donated his time and filed an opposition to Mr Hughes who has received the trademark for the name Sunbeam. Hughes was denied Sunbeam Alpine, and has Sunbeam Tiger pending. Sunbeam Specialists, STOA, and CAT also have filed opposition at the cost of $600.00 + $100.00 administrative fees.

      The question was asked if Chrysler still owns the trademark name “Sunbeam”. Chrysler gave up it’s trademark ownership on the name “Sunbeam”. President said Jim Anderson was responsible for discovering the “Sunbeam trademark issue”. We are not sure why Mr. Hughes wants to use the name. President will keep membership informed as it progresses.

      Declining Club assets: Fred Baum is working on reducing the costs of newsletter. Fred also suggested doing color on occasion which would add an additional cost. The President feels that it may be time for a dues increase, possible ($3- 5 dollars). Jim Morrison suggested giving an option to members to choose an Internet copy of the Rootes Review instead of a hard copy with a reduction in dues. Any dues increase will not happen until the Newsletter and internet copy of the Rootes Review have been reviewed.

      Hyperlink vs. hardcopy. Suggestion to put color pictures on website only instead of printing in newsletter. Possible bi-monthly printing suggested. More regional & local get togethers suggested. F. Baum suggested 50-50, bake sales, etc for profit. Donated jacket will be raffled off at United banquet. Suggestion to keep membership dues at the same price.

      New Regional Reps: Last night the BOD voted unanimously to the appointments of Steve Halbrook / Florida / Georgia Regional Representative & Dan Fitzgerald / Virginias Regional Representative.
      Ranney Dohogne suggested looking at the different regions for reps vs. membership. Possibly redefining the regions.

      United XXVI: Announcement will be made at GMM for United. We are looking for someone to host the Mid-west United XXVI next year in 2006.

      Curt Hoffman has volunteered for next United 2006 in midwest.

      Election Of Officers:

      Officers: President- Anthony DiBattista accepts nomination. There are no other nominations at this time.
      Vice President – Chuck King accepts nomination. There are no other nominations at this time.
      Treasurer – Vonda Moon not present so we need to contact her. Judy Sharkey accepts nomination as Treasurer.
      Secretary – Susan DiBattista accepts the Nomination. There are no other nominations at this time.

      BOD – Jim Morrison & John Logans terms are up and they both will not run again next year.
      Nominations: Candidates are being review by the BOD for possible nominations.

      Carl Moon, Bob Harper, Rick McCurdy, John Sybrandt, Steve Hanson, Bob Sharkey & Dan Cameron, Steve Silverstein have been suggested as possible candidates.

      Article to be published in newsletter with the slate of BOD nominations. John Sybrandt has accepted BOD nomination.

      Local CAT Membership: Ranney Dohogne brought to our attention that 50 local CAT members (East of the Mississippi) do not belong to TE/AE. Jim Morrison to send letter to list of people who joined CAT but not TE/AE for their interest in our club. Ranney Dohogne to compare CAT’s roster vs. TE/AE.

      People join CAT for parts. Only members can buy parts from their club. 40% of CAT members are TE/AE members also.
      Suggestion to change name on Web for easier searchs in search engines.

      Meeting was adjourned at 11:36PM

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      Thanks for minutes Sue.

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      I would like to ask why this web site does not reflect the fact that at least five people have signed up for the Board of Directors vacancies and give our members come time to think about who we are going to vote for.
      It would be an ideal way for our members — at least some of those who are on the internet — to discuss why they are running for office.
      Jim Anderson

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