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      I’m not sure where this crowd like to have their gauges serviced, but I found a place about 10 miles from my house in the Minneapolis burbs that does work for people worldwide. APT Instruments ( fixed my Jaeger speedometer that was sticking and reading erratically. They also cleaned it up nicely, and they optionally will paint the pointer and other extras. This was $225.00.
      I also had a speedometer cable that apparently was wrapped the opposite direction, so it would pump small amounts of tranny oil up and ultimately onto my leg whilst driving. So, for $15, they fitted my original casing with a new opposite-wound cable.

      I don’t have any personal interest in this company, just giving a reference as I’m guessing there aren’t a ton of people doing this kind of service.

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      Nisoneger ? in New York also, and there are some guys in Milwaukee Speedometer Service Wauwatosa.

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