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      Ok, I did some editing and now have all my photos loaded. It took three Yahoo albums to hold since they only hold 300 photos per album. United XXVI #3 includes the concours winners. About 650 pictures total. Still some repeats but I am sure the owners won’t mind : ) Copy the link into your browser if it doesn’t work as a link

      United XXVI #1 … FBvTroc76v

      United XXVI #2 … FBeU71dnVd

      United XXVI #3 … FBcUczUmt7

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      The pictures are unreal, excellent job! Everything you have done has been superbly executed and we all thank you.

      How long will the pictures be available? If there available for awhile, I want to point them out along with the hyperlink in my Presidents message.

      Best Regards

      Anthony J. DiBattista
      President TE/AE

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      Curt has sent the pictures to me and we plan on putting them on the web site. It may take a while since it’s over 600!

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      The pictures on the Yahoo site will be there until Yahoo goes out of business or I decide to buy a Ferrari and dump the pictures. I still have the last United on there although I didn’t send the link to that. Yahoo must have a hellacious (sp?) server.

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      These fotos are great post United memories. Thanks Curt for continuing your United contributions.

      Question? For Jim D. Would it be possible to include Curts three links to the photos, and other photos too, in the "Photo Gallery" under the United XXVI title? I assume the purpose of the Gallery is to capture/record event photos.

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      Yes it would and I plan on posting the winners on the web page and linking to Yahoo for the rest.

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      I just got the banquet pictures from Jack Sawyer. I can add another Yahoo listing or send them directly to you. There is a picture of each of the trophy awards.

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      Send them to me. That way I can have pictures of them and their cars. You could post them on Yahoo also if you want. I still need that group of pictures that bounced back.

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      Here are the banquet Pictures … c=ph#page1

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      I hate to throw a wrench into the works, but I cannot access the Yahoo! photo albums any more. A few days ago I could access them and transfer photos for the newsletter with no problem in a relatively short period of time.

      Now I can play CDs of Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, the Beatles and Janis Joplin and still not have access to the photos. All I get is a little whirling arrow in one corner of the main page.same thing occurs for all the other photo albums.

      I even signed up for Yahoo! with no change in the page I’m trying to access.

      Please help this computer illiterate figure out how to get to the photos. I REALLY want one of Tom & Pam Jeffers receiving the Lord Rootes Award for the cover of the November NL.



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