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      Forgive the novice question, but what is the best way to go about cleaning 23 year old varnish out of the fuel tanks of a SV? Oh by the way all of my posts may begin that way, total rookie at the making it run thing.

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      I have cleaned several tanks that had old fuel residue and varnish by sealing all the openings and pouring in a gallon of liquid paint stripper and letting that sit for a few days. Move the tank once in awhile so it gets to all the areas you want to clean. Drain the tank and then rinse with a cleaner such as Simple Green and let dry in the hot sun. Works for me! Eric

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      2 gallons of hot water, and clean small pebble rock. (size of about dimes) And shake. Ohh yea u need to close all openings, which i did with clamps and tire tube material. Tech tip in CAT book.

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      Do you have a good radiator repair shop near you? They can “hot tank” (caustic soda solution) your fuel tanks, then pressure test them for any leaks (usually 3-5 psi; don’t need any more than that). I had mine done two years ago. The total bill, including a quart of Red Kote sealer, was about $75.

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      The simple green worked nice for me. If there is any rust Google and keyword motorcycle gas tank cleaning battery charger. Using TSP or Arm and Hammer washing soda with the charger you will never Kreem or use a tank coating again. I have done many cycle tanks with phosphoric acid, evaporust, and other acids vinegar etc. The Sunbeam tanks are small and it is so easy. Inexpensive and effective what more can you ask for?

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      Mike Schreiner

      And TSP satands for? If you do this you don’t need to recoat the inside of the tanks? I have two sunbeams inop right now from peeling gas tank coating…thanks goverment idiots for the ethanol (which also causes vapor lock on tigers)

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      TSP – Trisodium Phosphate. Buy at local home improvement warehouse of your choice. Beware of newer "phosphate-free" versions, which are not as effective.


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      Ron & Linda Jones

      No phosphate in Trisodium Phosphate…must have been made by a gov bureaucrat. Reminds me of time I was in a FedGov cafeterium. I was interrested in getting some Chili Con Carne. I asked the server if the Chili had a good amount of meat. She replied that it had no meat. A bit incredulous I said how could chili con carnie have no meat, since chili con carnie means "chili w/meat". She replied by bringing out this big can of what was clearly labeled Chili Con Carnie…in parenthesis (without meat) 😯

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      The phosphate in TSP forms phosphoric acid, which is good if you’re cleaning out a fuel tank, to a point. I’ve heard of people failing to rinse TSP from their aluminum window screens (TSP is a common detergent used when cleaning siding), and finding the phosphoric acid had corroded them pretty badly. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

      I know what you mean about the fake stuff being forced on us by the eco-weenies and others. I keep my eye on the real TSP. If I start to see it go away, I’ll have to stockpile it. Already doing that with other things, like clear incandescent bulbs. If I could afford to bury my own fuel tank in the back yard, I’d consider buying a tanker of unmolested gasoline, but I don’t think my neighborhood association would allow it.


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