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      Barb and I will be hosting a Sunbeam gathering in Greensburg, Indiana.

      There will be no car show, no awards, no goody bag, no banquet, no registration or fees. Parts room space will be severely limited. There will be a lot of good companionship, driving on back roads, eating really good food and taking in some interesting sights. Be warned: The preferred roads are narrow, not particularly smooth, tend to induce motion sickness and are not on most maps. Bring your favorite snack/beverage and be prepared to share. If you bring chewing gum, bring enough for everyone! We hope for about 20 people.

      Each day we (12 cars max) will take a leisurely journey to a different small city,take in the sights, have lunch and return to Greensburg for supper. Tuesday will be Connersville, Wednesday will be Madison and Thursday will be Columbus. Depart on Friday. Hardliners may want to accompany us to Connersville on Friday for a great BBQ lunch.

      Arrive Monday, June 19 Depart Friday, June 23
      Quality Inn & Suites (State Road 3 and I 74)
      (812) 663-9998
      Two Queens or Single King. Special rate of $60 plus tax.
      About half the rooms have a Microwave, specify if you need one.

      The block of 12 rooms are held under the name "Sunbeam". If you have difficulty, ask for Tim. These are local arrangements. Corporate reservation services will be useless.

      After making your reservations, shoot me an email, giving me the names of the participants and a photo of your car. We will make name tags for all participants.

      Oh yes, want to attend but don’t have a drivable Sunbeam? NO PROBLEM. Come and join in, you will be one of the 12 cars. We have been there and done that. It is a great motivator.


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      This is essentially a driving event and will be held in Greensburg, Indiana.

      Event calendar:

      Monday, June 19, arrive at the Quality Inn. Supper at your choice of downtown restaurants. Very good food at "everyday low price".

      Tuesday, June 20, early lunch at Stories restaurant, followed by a back road drive to Madison, an old river town that is very much alive. Visit a saddle tree factory museum. Supper at the Key West Shrimp House.

      Wednesday, June 21, back road journey to Connersville. Eat lunch at Kunkels, a genyouwine ’50’s drive-in that has been in operation since 1954 (second owner). Visit the Connersville Museum, which contains several one of a kind automotive gems. Stop at Metamora, a historical 1840’s canal town featuring the canal, a 50 hp water wheel and a covered bridge aquaduct. Stop at a very picturesque canal feeder dam. Supper in downtown Greensburg.

      Thursday, June 22, boring (relatively) drive to Columbus, with its renowned architecture. Visit the Cummins Engine company museum, featuring their famed Indy Diesel racer. Lunch at the Columbus Bar (claimed to have the best tenderloin in Indiana), dessert at a 100 year-old soda bar with home made ice cream. Return route to Milhousen over very Alpine friendly roads that feature two (2) covered bridges. Supper will be at Stones Family Restaurant.

      Friday, June 23, Farewells.

      Come and enjoy great food, relaxed driving over hilly, narrow, crooked roads and investigate interesting stuff you cannot find anyplace else. By the way, the term "back roads" includes roads (paved) that you will not believe.

      Our motel is the Greensburg Quality Inn & Suites $60/night plus tax. As the manager put it "It isn’t the Marriot, then again, its not the Marriot price". A block of rooms is being held under the name "Sunbeam".

      Phone # (812) 663-9998

      Registration is free, but send me an email.


      This event was designed to accommodate a maximum of 12 cars. At this time, there are only two cars enrolled. In order to minimize participant disappointment due to low turnout, one week prior to the event, we will notify everyone of the number of participants and everyone should feel free to cancel. While we are willing to continue with only one other car, it is possible the event will disappear due to "popular demand". Or lack there of.

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      Thanks Bill for posting!
      We went last year and had a great time. Great driving roads, excellent Mom and Pop eating places and lots of new things to discover with Sunbeam friends. We hope to go this year too.

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      We were there last year and will be again this year. Too good of a time to miss. Bill finds some great roads to drive on.


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      Bob and Jean Webb

      We’ll be at Mid Ohio vintage races that week so we won’t make it to Indiana. Brad Babb should have his Alpine back together and racing.

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      Dan Richardson

      Just imagine you in your Sunbeam driving along….
      These nice curving, crooked roads with cornfields and all sorts of other peaceful sights…..

      Here is some comments Ken Ellis posted on another link (SAOCA) I wish to share:

      The lure of Indiana is strong, but I currently have work commitments that week…
      My son and I went to the first Indiana Invasion, and the driving there was fantastic. Zipping through corn fields on great roads with no one else around, with each mile or so punctuated by a nice quick banked s-curve where (evidently) the surveyors decided things shouldn’t quite match. Bad for commuters, great for Sunbeamers. (There’s a reason Bill’s car is "quickest from 20 to 80", as he can probably drive all day out there without shifting gears…)

      Anyone passing thru Columbus on the way there, let me know…Ken

      __________________________________________________ ______

      Tempting Ain’t it?

      Try it you may like it

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      If you have not received confirmation of your intent to attend, please give me a call. We know of at least one failure for us to received notice of intent and we really need to know how many and who plan to attend.

      Bill (765) 309-3567

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      Two great British events next Saturday, September 16, 2017

      1. Brits on the Beach, Ocean Grove, NJ
      2. Brits on the River, Delaware City, MD

      For more information on either, click on the TEAE events on the TEAE Home webpage.

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