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      Brad Lepore

      I used to be a proud owner of a 65 alpine until i caved the right front fender. So insurance now has the vehicle but, i still have lots of parts that i’d like to have go to a good home.

      Fist offers accepted:
      Hard top
      slightly bent bumper
      4 original rims and hubcaps
      NEW stainless alpine exhaust (2 rear sections)
      full original alpine workshop manual
      Original alpine steering wheel
      Heater core/valve
      miscellaneous: trim, rubber, lettering, badging, window crank, backup lamps, etc.

      I’m based in southeast Connecticut but moving by september. Please PM me with any interest and i’ll be happy to hand them over. Not interested in shipping the big stuff but could be convinced to ship the misc. parts as there are only 2 small boxes if you paid for shipping and handling. If no takers, they’ll be in the parts graveyard by September.

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      Hi Brad,
      What kind of shape is that Hardtop?


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      Kevin Nelson

      Hey Brad, If the hardtop has glass then I would like it for my Series II Alpine…Kevin

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      Kevin Nelson

      For that matter, any idea if the ’65 parts would work on a ’62?
      If so, I’m in Maryland and could make a trip….Kevin

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      Brad Lepore


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