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      Lori and Dave Noyes

      My gearbox drain plug appears to be leaking and I (or my hubby) needs to get under there to try to tighten it. We have a floor jack, but where is the safest place(s) to put it and the jack stands under a 65 Tiger? While we have it up, we should probably check the oil level since it has been dripping for an undetermined amount of time. Any suggestions for procedures will be helpful.

      Lori N.

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      I always jack up the front under the crossmember and then put jack stands at the forward outboard ends of the X (just behind the wheel wells). Then I jack up the rear using the rear axle and put jack stands under the spring/shock mounting plates on the rear axle.

      If this procedure changes the door gaps or makes the doors not close properly on your car then book an appointment with the body shop…

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      I see that your question was in August and this is October so you probably have completed your work. I do have a word of caution about jacking the front of the car at the cross member. There may be grease or oil on the cross member and it’s fairly smooth. There’s a possibility of the car slipping off the floor jack and bending something expensive. I have used a piece of 1/8" bar with holes in it, the kind that you can buy at the big box stores. Cut the bar about 4 inches longer than the cross member and bend the two ends about an 2 inches long. Put two short lag bolts through the two holes that correspond to the holes in the bottom of the cross member. So now the jack won’t slip out from under the car and you can remove the bar easily.

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