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      Sunbeam Tiger Reproduction Air Cleaner Promotion. Warren and Lee the air cleaner partners are offering a special deal on the last 40 air cleaners remaining. We will pay your new membership fee to the club of your choice. If you are non member of any one of the clubs, you can become a member of the listed clubs below, If we have missed a club please contact us. You just provide your contact information and club or organization you would like to support or join. Thanks for supporting the project! $35 CAT, $34 TEAE, $35 donation to Rootes Archive & $50 STOA. $25 SAOCA, Sale Price $400 plus the cost of shipping and insurance if desired, we prefer USPS. We will pay your new membership/donation and forward your info. as needed.

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      Are there any available? I will purchase one if there is.

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