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      We’ve got a stock mid-80s 302 marine engine with 4V carb in the Tiger.
      I’m wondering about the weight savings and performance improvement from an aluminum intake manifold.
      Does anyone know if the "old" Edelbrock F4B manifold is "better" than the currently available manifolds such as the "Performer" series? The F4B is a lot more $.
      Any help is appreciated.

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        I guess it depends on your ‘better’ definition..
        The F4B is designed for 2500-7000 rpm
        The Performer is for idle – 5500
        The RPM ( and RPM air gap ) are 1500-6500
        The F4B and RPM will raise the carb about 3/4" . I have a RPM air-gap and I have about 3/8" clearance on the front corners of the stock air cleaner with the 1 1/2" K&N filter
        I doubt that the performance between the RPM and old F4B is that different…
        You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding an F4B for under $200 in good shape..the last 3 on e-bay went for $179, $76 and $107 …! The other thing about the F4B is that it’s not only period correct but was an original option…

        If you want to go ‘new’ ,I would recommend the ‘air-gap’ as it isolates the runners from the block which is probably a good thing in a Tiger…


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        Thanks for the info, Jim. I didn’t find that rpm range info before for the F4B. I don’t think that I’ll be running that motor to 7000 – at least not on purpose. I was wondering about the "Performer" saying only 5500, but this is a street car that only occasionally autocrosses at this point.
        I suppose that there has to be some advantage to the weight savings alone.
        I was originally wondering if there would be other plusses vs the stock cast iron manifold – thus "Better"(?).
        The new "Performer" manifolds are about $160 new at Jeg’s, some of the F4Bs that I saw were over $340 on e-bay, I think that the higher priced ones were already "high temp coated", thus more $. The "RPM" manifold sounds good – but that is pretty tight hood clearance.
        I wasn’t sure about the "original option" deal… that does make the F4B seem more attractive, but don’t know what that "from 2500 rpm" deal would do to regular "driveability".
        I’ll keep gathering info…

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          I doubt that the Performer would be a whole lot better than the stock one other than the weight savings…
          I run the air-gap on a built 5.0 liter with roller rocker TFS heads, headers, 2 1/2" exh. and a double pump mech. sec. 650 Holley. It idles just fine

          Those ‘high priced’ F4B’s rarely ‘sell’ … kinda like those $175 headlight rims… but they try anyway… lol
          Another option is the Weiand ‘Stealth’ … it’s only $5 more than the performer and depending on the ad is good for idle to 6000 or 6500 … the hood clearance would be similar to the RPM… I never consider the clearance tight in a Tiger unless it’s actually touching…! lol!


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          I just bought a F4B from a club member 120 bucks ,I also looked at Summits stage two deal with a
          carb when this came available I bought it instead and just bought a carb from summit it is
          period and correct. the other car we have has a performer and a 600 cfm demon carb on a slightly
          modified 302 works well also!

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          thanks again for the feedback. The more info, the better.

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          In looking thru some old info it say’s the F4B is good for 11 hp on a 260 motor ? its all a crap shoot
          anyway we’ll see as we get further along.

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          Doesn’t the BON indicate +40 BHP?

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          Hi Allan,

          I didn’t read that part, but not to say that it isn’t in there. I got 20 Hp changing to a low rise four barrel manifold & carby, so a high rise manifold with the correct carby could get close. I’ve heard they do flow better.

          Regards, Robin.

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