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      I finally got around to installing the F4B manifold. Quite a challenge to get the back two bolts without dropping the engine! Thank heaven for flex wrenches and small hands.

      Do I need a carb spacer between the manifold and the Holley carb? Will clearance be an issue if I use a 1″ spacer? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

      from sunny South Dakota


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      As a general rule, a spacer between the manifold and carburetor increases HP and the the thicker the spacer, the greater the increase. The other purpose of a spacer is to reduce heat transfer from the manifold to the carburetor; a phenolic resin impregnated fabric is the traditional material to reduce heat transfer.

      I doubt seriously that you will be able to use a one inch spacer with the F4B. Try putting some SOFT Styrofoam on top of the air cleaner and then GENTLY close the hood. Add or remove Styrofoam as needed until you figure out how much clearance you have for a spacer.

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      Thanks Barry. I’ll try the foam and see what sort of clearance I will have.
      I found a spacer that is only .28″ thick and has the PCV port on the back as well. It would certainly be nice to have the clearance to use it and then re-attach the hose.

      from sunny South Dakota – snow covered today,


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      Hi Paul
      I would go to the 1/2 inch spacer.The lister has a 1/2 inch spacer with the 351 Windsor.It is tight but with a 289 you should clear.

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      Hi Chuck:

      I put the carb in place last night without a spacer. It has about 3/4 clearance as far as I can tell. I think I will order the .28 phenolic spacer.
      I found it at a Mustang specialty shop and I think it will be a good fit for the Tiger setup as well.

      lots of snow in Mitchell – winter finally returned!


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