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      Wondering if anyone has had to source brake return springs for their Rootes cars or otherwise (perhaps BMC or other orphan British)?

      Restoring my ’60 Hillman Minx Series IIIa Deluxe, I have all the springs, none seem stretched or broken, but while I’m refreshing all the hydraulics and have relined the shoes at Brake Materials and Parts (Fort Wayne, IN), I’d like to ensure that my pedal feel and safety are improved by having new springs if I could.

      Any paint color-coding on the springs is long gone, and even if I was to watch up length and hook design at my local auto parts counter, I don’t have much guarantee that the spring constant will be the same, etc.

      Would anyone have any ideas where we could source springs for our Rootes systems?

      Much appreciated, David

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      I know zip about Minxes…Do you have a parts manual for the Minx to identify the Rootes part #s? I ask because I have seen the Alpine rear drum brake springs available through parts suppliers. You could determine if the Minx used the same parts as the Alpine rear drums.

      For Alpines with manual adjusting brakes (series 1 to 4 and late series 5):
      Return spring cylinder end was part # 5037351.
      Return spring adjuster end was part # 5037352.


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