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      This is just an FYI post for probably a very limited audience. For those of you that may be considering using these guages, I’ve found a few "glitches" that I wish I’d know about earlier. I bought these guages more than a yr ago, and installed them before I’d gotten my car running. The temp and oil pressure guages were no problem, and the tach was also pretty easy to setup but I had a couple of problems w/the gas sender and speedo. The gas guage came w/a "universal" sender, unfortunately the "cap" and gasket are not compatable w/the Alpine’s side tank. I had to cut the stock sender from the Alpine cap and attach the working parts of the new sender to it. This wasn’t that hard, but I made the mistake of drilling the new hole, for the new sender, in the center of the Alpine cap. This caused the down arm of the sender support to catch on the side of the trunk side of the tank hole. I ended up doing a lot of filing and retry (on the sender support arm)until I was able to move it enough to clear the hole lip. I believe that if you drilled the hole in the cap a bit off center (away from the trunk) it would be less of a hassle. The speedo gave me even more of a problem and the fix was much simpler.
      Most of last summer, I drove around w/no working speedo. As I said, I’d installed the guages when I installed the dash, quite some time before I’d gotten it down from the jack stands. While on the stands, it seemed to be working, in that the odometer was registering miles. I presumed that it was that there was some clutch friction that was activating the sender (pulse generator), but when I got it down for driving tests and beyond, it stopped working. I kept getting an error message at the end of setup. Eventually I called their tech support and they told me to separate the grounds. After doing that, it still didn’t work, and called tech support again. They told me to send it back. Anyway I procrastinated about taking it out most of last summer and into this winter. After more than a year, from purchase, I called them again. They said to send it in, and they would check it out. Within a week they had sent me a NEW guage. (plug, plug: very happy w/their attitude) Anyway the new guage gave me the same error message. I checked the wiring, made sure it had a good ground and still no-workie. Only thing left was the pulse generator. Pulled that off and discovered that the "shaft" that connects the pulse generator was too small for the receiver on the Alpine’s stock trans. Measured the PG shaft and found it was 2mm square. I found my stock speedo cable and measured and found it was 3mm. Trying to make a long story a little bit shorter. After thinking of and discarding different ideas, I went to a hobby store and bought a piece of 3mm square brass tubing. The PG shaft fit perfect. After a bit of measuring I found I only needed about a 1/4 inch piece of the tube to make a shim. Put everything back together, ran the setup program and I now have a working speedo/odo. I’ve got to say the 1 button setup works very well, I wouldn’t get the type w/the dip switch setup. Oh yeah, one more problem w/the pulse generator they sell. The brass fitting that mates the PG w/the trans is too big. I removed the trans connector from my stock cable, put threads on the outside of it and screwed that into the PG fitting.
      Like I said, info for a limited audience, but info I wish I’d had earlier.

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