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      For those attending United XXVIII in Potomac, Md. this weekend, here are some directions. I also have an Word verision with maps.

      Getting to TE/AE United XXVIII…..

      Welcome to the 2008 United! You will be traveling to suburban Maryland in the northwest corner of the Washington, DC metro area. You are headed for the Bolger Center on Democracy Blvd. in Potomac, MD. Many of you will becoming North or South on I-95 connecting to I-495 (the DC beltway) looping around DC on the west side. When traveling through Baltimore, I suggest staying on I-95 through the tunnel, rather than using the beltway. If approaching the area on I-81 Northbound, Take I-66 East to I-495 North. If traveling South on I-81, or if coming from the West on I-70, take I-70 East to I-270 South in Frederick, MD. In alternate route on Southbound I-81 would be to jump over to Rt. 15 Southbound at Harrisburg, by using Rt. 581 East.

      As you get close to DC, here are some basic things to know. Bolger Center is in a very suburban area. A huge number of area residents commute, into and back out of DC daily. Many more commute through the area from communities further out. DC traffic is infamous and depending on whom you believe, is either the most or second most congested area in the US. The good news is that the traffic is only really bad during the morning and evening rush hour on weekdays. Mid-day and evenings on weekdays and all weekend, the traffic is really not that bad. Avoid the major routes before 9am and from 4pm to about 6pm weekdays, especially if your car doesn’t like to behave while idling for long periods (Take heed you Tiger drivers!). If arriving on Thursday or Friday, it will be best to try to time your arrival between 11am and 3pm or after 8pm if that is possible. Traveling southbound on I-270 during afternoon rush hour is actually no problem, since most commuter traffic will be Northbound. Likewise, I-95 South of DC and I-66 West of DC, are both very rush hour directional, however the DC Beltway and I-95 between Baltimore and Washington will be busy in both directions. By the way, gas is pricey in Potomac, so you may not want to wait to fill up until you get there.

      Coming South on I-270 from Frederick, MD, you will stay on I-270 almost all the way to I-495. Just past Rockville, MD, I-270 will split onto two spurs. Keep right and take the spur to I-495 South (toward Virginia). Take the Democracy Blvd. exit and turn right (Westbound) onto Democracy at the end of the ramp. This is the first and only exit on the “spur”.

      Coming North on I-495 from Virginia, you will cross the Potomac River into Maryland and then keep left as you pass River Rd. Exit Left onto I-270 Northbound and then get keep right, exiting onto Democracy Blvd. At the end of the ramp, turn left onto Democracy (Westbound).

      Coming South on I-95 to I-495 West, DO NOT take the I-270 North exit! Instead, stay on the Beltway for one more exit and get off on Old Georgetown Rd. (Rt. 187) Northbound. Take Old Georgetown Rd. for about ½ mile and then turn left on Democracy Blvd. heading West.

      From Democracy and I-270, stay Westbound on Democracy for about 2-1/2 miles. The address for Bolger Center is 9600 Newbridge Rd., but DO NOT enter from Newbridge. Stay on Democracy for another 1/4 mile past Newbridge and make the next Left into Bolger. Take a right at the first stop sign and park in the first lot on the right (Lot #3). Registration is in the main lobby, just past Lot #3.

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