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      Hey, this is unusual…. this Home movie, incorrectly labeled "1964 Daytona runoffs", has some decent images of the Sports Car Forum Tiger (around the 1:30 mark and around the 5:40 mark)

      Very unusual to see actual films of the Runoffs like this.

      Steve Silverstein

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      Thanks Steve for video. Really enjoyed. I swear I saw a Sara Palin look alike at about the 5 min point. 😆 Who was car #33. They sure liked to look at it wrecked. I didn’t see it racing.

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      That is actually Don Sesslar’s entry in the Sports Car Forum Tiger. I am not sure why they mad it run the different number than 74, which was his usual number.

      The Hollywood Sports Car Tiger is there too. I believe you can see the damage to it, from being hit by a Corvette, as it passes by.


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