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      Can the cylinder heads on a Tiger be changed without taking out the engine. I have iron heads and want to install edelbrock aluminum heads. I figured if I let the oil pan sit on the cross member it would give me enough space to change the heads

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      I pulled both heads off my Tiger without removing the engine. I lowered the back of the engine by unbolting the tranny mounts-this gave more clearance to take the heads off. You don’t have to loosen the motor mounts. Good luck! Eric

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      About 15 years ago my son pulled the heads on my MKI 260. He did not loosen anything and had no problem getting the heads out or back in. It may have taken a little more time than if you use Eric’s tip, but we like to keep things as simple as possible so we don’t forget to retighten.

      Fred Baum

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      The only tough thing I found was the back bolts on the exhaust manifolds. They can be a little difficult to get room to remove.

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      I think I will need to lower the engine alittle I currently have GT-40 heads with roller rockers and I cant take the valve covers off without moving the engine. Maybe if I just drop the trans mount will give me the space. When I am done I will have a set of GT-40 iron heads for sale cheap with less than 1000 miles on them.


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        I’m not sure if your new Edelbrock heads are the exact same measurements outside but the Trickflow’s that I just installed (out of the car) have about a 3/8" raised lip where the valve cover goes on. I am using ‘Ford racing’ finned valve covers of similar size to the ‘Tiger’ ones… They clear the roller rocker with baffles removed but are impossible to remove once in the car… Here’s a pic… … PhotoID=47

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        I have the Tiger aluminum valve covers with the baffle removed for the roller rockers with GT-40 heads. The reason I chose Eledebrock heads is they are supposed to be dimensionally the same as the factory heads and will accept my ford motorsports roller rockers.


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        When I changed heads with the engine in the car a few years ago, I had to hang the rearmost pushrods in the heads as I placed them on the block. Even with the trans mount out, there still wasn’t room to get the pushrods past the firewall with the heads on the engine. I think I used rubber bands or something similar to hold them in the heads while I wrestled them onto the engine.

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