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      I thought I would mention some tips that came to mind this past week when I had to remove my radiator so that I could remove the steering rack for leaking boot replacement. I have found over the years that when an aluminum radiator sits around without coolant in it that it may build up some kind of issue that doesn’t allow it to transfer heat as well so I suggest laying it flat and keeping some coolant in it. This would not apply to a new radiator, only one that has been in service. The other note would be if you are reusing the same hoses, besure to put the clamps in the same position as noted by the impressions of the clamps in the outer surface of the hose, this will allow for the best possibility of the hose resealing without over tightening…besure to use distilled water with new coolant or purchase the premixed ones..I will add that my observations on the aluminum radiator deterioration comes from many years of serving european cars that used aluminum radiators long before us Tiger guys got on to them.. I’m sure this may generate some comments.

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