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      Ok, input time.

      I’m looking in to the lunch for Saturday and thinking about keeping it simple and a little lighter given our boat cruise that evening. They have some specials for deluxe sandwiches with a couple sides, e.g. potato salad, that would flow easy. But I don’t want to go easy and less expensive if there is a lot of history for hot food lunches. Last year was a pretty big lunch and as John stated, a little expensive.

      Other options are for things like fried chicken, lasagna, and others. Of course you can always go hamburgers as well.

      Your input is welcome. This is really my last item to get budget numbers for so am looking to nail it down fairly soon.


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      Why make it more difficult and expensive. Just a cold sandwich will be fine. It is more important to keep the registration cost down as much as possible. Or is there a nearby site , where people can buy something themselves? Or bring a lunch wagon on site w/o any of your commitments?

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      Interesting notion. There are a bunch of restaurants in the area – many of whom we will be blocking access to since we are closing the street : ) so there are certainly options to just say feed yourself in the area. I may walk by a few to ask about that as an option and see what kind of discounts and such we can get.

      keep the input coming as this is an open area. I will let you all know what I find out about local places to see if that is really an option. If it would get everyone ticked off, especially at me, then I would say go back to normal.

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      To me the first objective is to make sure food is available on time, convenient, suits the palates of attendees and of coarse is reasonably priced. That does not mean to go cheap for the sake of being cheap.

      Typically we have a catered lunch that helps keep the group socializing together. But catering isn’t cast in concrete. Anything that embellishes the Beam experience, including a “restaurant row” that is part of a plan would be OK by me. Whether the meal is provided or not should be noted in the program agenda.

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      Actually I am thinking of maybe a Champagne and Brie lunch. This is more my style. $20 – $30 per person but think of the memories : )Anyway, thanks for the input. I know I can always count of some thoughts from you. I have three caterers I am talking to and if the Champagne idea doesn’t float maybe I’ll go with food.

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      The catered lunch works well for those who involved in the judging process. If the restaurants have a quick turn around or take-out, so we can send someone to get food for the judging staff if we need too. If we have a large group of cars to judge it can take a few hours (2.5 to 3)depending on the size of the judging staff.

      Please keep this group in mind when you make your final decision.


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      Thanks for all your input. I am going with a catered lunch.

      Now it is just a question of what. I am still leaning toward a good Pinot Noir and brie but there is a strong push for caviar and Champagne. Ah the decisions a Chairperson has to make.

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      Curt. I was stationed in Germany in the Army and here in Columbus, Ohio we have an area called German Village. I would bet there are some Delicious German cold cuts & German bread available in a number of shops in the area. There may be one near where we will be or one that will cater.

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      There are some good German places here. But I have now gone ahead and made a commitment to Skyline Chile- a local cultural icon. Didn’t like it when I first got here but now can’t live without it 😀

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