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      A few comments I found elsewhere!

      By Rande
      Where to start. If you clicked on Stu Brennan’s photos, you got a taste.
      I’m working on a medium size list of folks to thank, but here’s a very brief outline of neat stuff, in no particular order. 14 cars were TAC’d, one guy drove down from Quebec City, had his car inspected, and then immediately went back north. Four of his Montreal friends(and Tiger owners) came down and stayed. These guys are crazy. I couldn’t decide whether to commit the lot of them, or to move to MTL myself, sort of like four Peter Thompson’s, if you can picture that. Loads of fun.

      Three extremely nice Alpine Series III’s. Anthony and Susan DiBattista’s car is now Tiger Tom’s son-in-laws ride. You east coasters know the car. It’s the one where someones pen slipped when they were filling out the order sheet, and the "give me everything" box was inadvertantly checked off. Chrome wire wheels, white walls, hardtop, GT version, and so bright red that you really should wear welders goggles if you’re going to stare at it for any length of time. And, Fred Baum’s beautiful red SIII was next to it at the concours, if your eyes were still functional.

      Of course, Tigers outnumbered everything else. Because it was only about a four hour drive from Boston, we got IIRC one Tiger Mk1 and a couple of Mk1A’s that you could consider survivor cars in veritable showroom fettle, from families that don’t usually make it too far away Uniteds (David Twombly and Dana Freeman, correct me if I’m off base). Bob Webb brought his pristine ’69? white Rapier, Kevin Reid came in a really nice early 60’s Rapier, and Nick Kinter showed off his gray Imp, both in the autocross and the concours.

      The site itself for both the autocross and the concours (Owls Head Transportation
      Museum) is a antique auto and airplane museum on the fringes of the Knox County airport, near the coast. Biplanes and corporate jets shared the air space during both of our events

      For now, thanks to everyone. It was a super time.

      denis mercier

      Hi Rande.
      I’m the guy from Quebec City who immediately went back north, i went back because my wife was sick …………%$?&*"%?$&*$%"&?*.
      Anyway, thanks to the organiser, it was a good time i was in Maine. My friends from Montreal are crazy…..Yes…….
      Regards !
      Denis Mercier Quebec City B392000926LRXFE TAC # 861

      Dave Munroe" <
      I had an interesting adventure on the way home from the TE/AE Meet in Maine yesterday – about 100 miles into the roughly 500 mile trip the engine developed a persistent and very strong "miss", that felt like either a plugged primary jet in the carb or an ignition fault. I have an MSD Pro Billet distributor, with about 2500 miles on it since installation.

      At the next fuel stop after the miss developed, I put some gasline antifreeze in the tank, in the chance it was water in the gas. No change. At next fillup, I put in some "fuel system" cleaner, also no change. The engine missed mightily under load, but there was a bit of a smooth spot
      around 3200 rpm (65 mph) so I kept it in that range.

      When I got home (I did make it!) I removed the distributor cap and behold – carbon center electrode ( the little button that makes contact with the rotor spring) had broken off just inside its retainer in the cap. The rotor button had been receiving the high tension impulse through the gap that had developed when the carbon rod contact had broken off. The spring normally has a shiny spot where the button contacts the spring. Not in this case – the spring had a dull matt finish where the spark had been jumping the gap.
      If you don’t have something to fix on your trip its always a dull trip!
      The meet was a huge success – a chance to put faces to names, checked out some absolutely fabulous cars, took a ride up and down the coast in a WACO bi-plane, ate lobster until it was coming out our ears, got our Tiger TAC’ed and generally had a fantastic time. Kudos to all our friends in Maine and the TE/AE organizing committee – you did a fabulous job – Thanks!
      Dave Munroe B382000450LRXFE

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