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      Check this one out – is this just news to me? Looks like the Sebring Alpines were blue not green!!!!!!!!!!!!! … urnWeb.jpg

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      Yes this has been known for a little while now. The sebring cars in 61 ran in the blue, the other 2 years they were seacrest green. Scott Christie is currently building a SII sebring tribute car to this specification.

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      Yes, the 1961 Sebring Alpines were Wedgewood Blue. This was a surprise since the 1962 cars were Seacrest Green.

      So, the real question is…. where are they?

      As far as I know one was raced in Miami for a while then disappeard in about 65′ (documented)
      Another resided in Salt Lake City and was raced up into the mid-60’s (documented)
      As for the third one… I believe it may have been in Monterey Park, California but I am not positive. (Semi-documented… there was an advertisement listing a factory car in Monterey park… was it the 61′ Sebring car? Could be.)


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