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      Just one more week and lots of Sunbeams will be rolling into Chateau Elan for the big show. There are over 20 rooms rented by Sunbeam owners at the Wingate Hotel and plenty more folks are making a one day trip out of it from all over the Southeast. We will have a hospitality room available at the hotel as well as space for a parts swap meet so if you have any parts to buy, sell, or trade come on by the hotel Friday and Saturday nights. This will be the largest gathering of Sunbeams here in the South for any show this year so don’t miss it! Eric

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      Hello Eric, If there are any Sunbeam owners or other british car owners going to Chateau Elan in South Carolina and would like to caravan with a group, you are welcome to join us. We are leaving Lexington, SC at 10:30am and will be heading to Greenville, SC to Exit 48B on I-85 and will eat lunch at 1:00pm at the Olive Garden right off of that exit. Then drive on to the motels around the check-in times. Everyone is welcome and we all know there is strengh in numbers!


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      There should be quite a large Sunbeam turnout. I am planning on bringing my 1955 Sunbeam MKIII DHC (barn find), and my 95% complete Tiger (after 5 years of wait until next year).


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      Eric has convinced me I will be there at least for one day.

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      Hot off the press!

      From: Paul R Sheahan

      Subject: TAC Inspection Opportunity at the Chateau Elan Show

      Should anyone attending the Chateau Elan Show
      wish to have their car TAC’d, please contact me as
      soon as possible. We will have an inspection team
      available on Saturday for anyone interested.
      Looking forward to seeing everyone at the show.

      Paul R Sheahan

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      I am glad to hear that Jim E will be going. Looks like we better buy more beer for the hospitality suite……! Eric

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      Jim, Eric, and Todd:

      Wish I had the latter part of the week off and could leave early or join the caravan Friday. I’m not far from getting the SV back together, but since the Atlanta people are probably familiar with that car, I’ll most likely take the SIV. Looking forward to seeing all of you there.


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      And there are a few people who want to meet “Johnny Ringo”!!
      Are you sure you can’t drive over with one of us on Friday?

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      I’d love to join someone for the trip to GA, but I’m stuck in the office Friday until late afternoon. I hope the weather is anything like today’s weather in SC. It just don’t get much more of a convertible day than today. 8)

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      Pretty sure I will drive over early Saturday.

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      I got a call from a fellow clubmember last night who is helping out at the Chateau Elan show. He told me that there are 24 pre-registered Sunbeams and I know of quite a few folks that are coming that did not pre-register so I know that we will have a LOT of Sunbeams at the show this Saturday. The weather forecast is sunny and warm for the whole weekend so get that Sunbeam fired up and come join us!!

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      Anyone want to split a room on Friday night. thinking I might get away early on Friday.

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      Did you check with Russ? Eric

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      Great idea. Man talk about a snore fest with the both of us in one room…

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      I will be leaving Simpsonviile SC Saturday at or around 9:00 AM if anybody would like to meet up for the drive down to Georgia. I can be somewhat flexible about departure time.

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      Made it to the hotel!!!!

      Cool Cat says Hi, and wants everyone to know he has two very nice Alpines here for sale. Come and get’em…. oh and bring money.

      Check back pictures will be posted shortly of what you are missing…

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      Funbeam and Russ checking out some parts.

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      Folks are starting to pour in.

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      All the Sunbeams are sleeping.

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      WOW! unreal show lots of Tigers and Alpines!!! 40 plus cars perfect weather brought many owners and car out of the wood work that wee have not seen in years. You missed a good one!

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      Oh and Ringo showed up…

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      Just one of many Tigers at the event.

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      Here is my favorite car of the event.

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      Hey Jim, thanks for posting all the pictures! Looks like great weather and lots of Sunbeams, who could ask for a better day. Fuel for the fire to get going and start enjoying the coming summer.
      Hope everyone had a fun and safe trip!

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      Jeff was great to get to see all the Sunbeam folks and you are right it will sure motivate you to turn some wrenches and get that beam back on the road.

      I have a bunch of pictures from the event and even did my best to get the name of the owner. Did miss a couple of late arrivels, Ringo showed up late and then there was two or three other Alpines that got there toward the end.

      Not sure I have enough space to post all the pictures but will see what I can do.

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      This race alpine showed up.

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      Bonnie and I just got home from Georgia. OD John and his wife followed us in their Alpine and we took some great back roads. What a fantastic weekend! Thanks to everyone for coming. We floored everyone at the event as they had no idea that so many Sunbeams would show up! There were over 40 cars. I saw cars and owners that I have not seen in years and also met some folks who just bought a Sunbeam. It looks like this SOS weekend is going to become an annual event. Thank-you to all who helped put this event on-and thanks most to Ted Stewart for getting the Sunbeam as the featured marque at Chateau Elan and for starting the ball rolling for all of us to get together again. Cheers! Eric

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      Talk about a success! Donna would normally rather go to the dentist than go with me to a car show. She had a great time. The number of Sunbeams was significant, the variety was even better, the location was beautiful, and, as always, the Sunbeam people are the best.

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      Here is a link to all the cars that were on hand… well I missed a couple of the folks who showed up a little later but this is all but maybe 3 or 4 Alpines. I did my best to get names to go with cars and keep it straight with the images did miss two and hope I got rest matched up and spelled right. Let me know if I got your name wrong or if you are one of the folks who I missed getting your name and I will edit. We might over run my free band width on this but here we go…..

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      Great job Jim! Now I can match people and their cars that showed up.
      You are now the official SOS photographer for all upcoming events. Eric

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      Eric, I second that! Jim, those are awesome pictures!! I do have pictures of those that came in late if it is not too late to add them to the slide show. Those would make an awesome screen saver!!! This was a great time for all! What a show!


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      Todd, please Email me those images and I will put them up felt bad about not getting the last few cars thinking it was Johnny Ringo and a couple others.

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      Enjoyed the pictures and descriptions, Jim. What a nice weekend and absolutely perfect weather. Never seen so many British cars, or Tigers anywhere before. That was an awsome site to see when first entering the facility from the road and going over that little crest and looking up and seeing Sunbeams lined up on both sides of the road as far I could see going uphill to that “castle.” It was like entering Sunbeam “heaven.” After parking with the other late arrivals and checking out the Alpines and some of the Tigers, I spend the next few hours trying to see as many of the other cars as possible. Everything from a three wheel Morgan with an “outside” engine to a group of 2005 Lotus’. By the time I got back to the Sunbeam section hours later, cars had already started leaving, an event in itself and the best parade I’ve ever been to. My favorite part was the Tigers starting up one after the other. I don’t think any two sounded exactly the same. Did anyone notice the black 1950’s Alpine? I looked at it up close (in the dark the nite before) on a trailer at the hotel, but didn’t see it again until spotting it at a distance in one of the parking lots on the back side of the “main” building. Again, What a great event and weekend. It went by way to fast. Thanks again for the pics Jim.

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      Funny you should mention the Morgan out of hundreds of non Sunbeam cars it was the only non Sunbeam I took a picture of…

      must be because of the movie Peter Sellers was in…”Would you like a ride in my Morgan three wheeler?”

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      Seems I missed a great event. Maybe next year.

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      Steve it was a good one.

      Added a couple more pictures to the album.

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      If you haven’y had enough pics, here is a link to my home page with pics from the show.

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      All these great fotos make me feel guilty as heck for not being part of this extravaganza.

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