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      Chateau Elan is a large winery to the NE of Atlanta. On May 7th, 2005 at the annual British car show, SUNBEAM will be the featured Marque. Nearly 400 British cars will be there-and you need to be there as well with your Sunbeam! Stay tuned for hotel info as we plan another S.O.S. around this great show. Eric [b][/b]

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      Outstanding. Maybe this will be the inspiration I need to finally get my project car running. The BASH is a very long way from Jacksonville. Atlanta is just right.


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      Great Eric – Count me in. I may bring two. 😯
      As soon as you firm up the details, lets start twisting arms to get those guys in Georga and Fla. to help make it happen. We can’t start getting the word out too early. Regards Ed Esslinger 😆 😆

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      Hi Ed!
      Some of the Georgia boys are finding a good hotel for us to stay in and we will post all of that info this coming week. Since Sunbeam is the featured marque, we will have the center display area at the show. We hope to get a HUGE turnout of Sunbeams this year! Looking forward to seeing you there. Eric

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      We will be staying at the Wingate Inn in Buford, Georgia at exit 115 of I-85. This is right across the street from the the Mall of Georgia which has 225 stores for shopping. There is a block of rooms available until April 22 at $79 per night- phone 1-678-714-0248 and tell them you are with the Sunbeam sportscar group. Special room rates available for May 6 and 7. The hotel website is: … andInfo=WG

      Contact Ted Stewart at or Eric Gibeaut at for more info

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      I have been asked how “formal” this SOS will be…..SOS’s were never very formal in the past (on purpose) and this will be even less formal as there will be no registration fees! We will spend most of the day at Chateau Elan showing off our Sunbeams at the show of course and then get together for a group dinner somewhere near the hotel. A group drive on Sunday could take place too. There will be a hospitality/swap meet suite so bring some snacks and drinks to share and parts to swap. We are going to have a low cost/high fun event! Eric

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      Here is a link to the show we will be attending at Chateau Elan. There is a registration page on this website and if you register before April 25th you will save $5!
      Check out some of the nice Sunbeams on this website-they belong to Sunbeam owners in the Atlanta area and they will be at the show.
      thanks, Eric

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      I am new to the group – am having a Tiger shipped from Philadelphia to its new home in Atlanta next week. Would love to meet up with you at the gathering.

      However, need advice on a good mechanic in the Atlanta area…

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      Hi Rob
      Welcome to the Forum (and you are number 100!) and to the sunny South. Send Ted Stewart an email He lives in Atlanta and knows where a good shop is. Looking forward to seeing you at the show in May. Eric

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      Am also new to the Forum. My Tiger is arriving this afternoon and unless there are some surprises, am looking forward to Chateau Elan in May.

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      Welcome Tom-it is always good to hear about more Sunbeams in the South! Did you just move here or just bought a car? Eric

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      I took the Tiger in partial trade on my ERA Cobra. I guess I like old British cars with Ford power as I also had a TVR Vixen with a 289 at one point. Haven’t registered it yet so I can’t comment on how it drives, but it looks wonderful and I’m real pleased with the room (I’m 6’2″ and too big!). I guess I’ll get used to the fuel pump noise, although I suspect there must be quieter options. Basically I’m looking forward to learning about the car and enjoying it …..until the mood strikes and I move on to something else!

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      Parts I can bring to Chateau Elan if anyone is interested.
      289 Heads – Need rebuilding
      Bumpers – Need chrome and a little TLC
      Gas tanks
      Misc. brake hydraulic parts – All need to be rebuilt
      Washer bottle and bracket
      Trunk lid – Has a little rust
      Almost new roller tip rockers. They didn’t work for me but might work for a better mechanic (one with a lot of patience)
      I even have TR6 Oil and Temp gauges and don’t know where they came from

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      Time is getting short! Have you made your hotel reservations yet? There are going to be a bunch of Sunbeams at the show-I have heard from folks in Virginia and Florida who plan on joining us at the SOS/Chateau Elan event-be sure to join us for the largest gathering of Sunbeams in the South since the United in Charleston in 2002! Eric

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      This Friday is the last day for the special room rates at our hotel. There are going to be a LOT of Sunbeams at this event-come and join us! Any Rootes car is welcome-several rare vehicles will be at the show so drive, tow, trailer or drag your car to the event-see you there. Eric

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      I am planning on attending. Anyone want to caravan down on Friday from Virginia?


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      This is starting to look good. Any idea of an expected car count?

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      Hello Eric, If there are any Sunbeam owners or other british car owners going to Chateau Elan in South Carolina and would like to caravan with a group, you are welcome to join us. We are leaving Lexington, SC at 10:30am and will be heading to Greenville, SC to Exit 48B on I-85 and will eat lunch at 1:00pm at the Olive Garden right off of that exit. Then drive on to the motels around the check-in times. Everyone is welcome and we all know there is strengh in numbers!


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      I received a flyer yesterday. The ’06 event will be at Berry College in Rome, GA May 13.

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