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      This will be our 6th year of gathering British Cars here for our local club. From year one we have had a great turn-out of Sunbeams due to the great Sunbeam owners/friends in our area. Well, we’re gonna do it again! Get ready because it is the first big show of 2012 in our area and the first big bang for Sunbeam owners.

      The date is new! March 31st, 2012
      The location is new! Columbia Motor Speedway
      The enviroment is new! Tied in with Columbia’s Scottish Games Festival

      Last year we had around 20 Sunbeams gather here with us. We are shooting for 25 this year! I challenge each of you that have those "winter" projects to get to work and be ready for this early gathering of Sunbeam friends.

      More to come as Eric and I coordinate this wonderful weekend for you!
      Todd Smith
      Lexington, South Carolina
      1963 Series 3
      1963 Series 3 GT – Being restored

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      Tom Johnson

      I hope the turn out is better than ever.
      Tom j

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      Hello fellow Beamers,
      I am inviting each of you to come join us this year at our 6th annual S.O.S / Carolina British Classics VI car show. This will be a weekend of Sunbeam fun and activities. I firmed up the host motel today and the show registration should be on our club’s web site now.

      The tentative list of events for this weekend are:

      March 30th – Friday
      Arrive at host motel – check in
      Go to the concert on Friday night sponsored by the Tartan Day South.
      Come back to the hotel for pizza, parts swap and Sunbeam video

      March 31st – Saturday
      Carolina British Classics VI 8:30 – 3:00 in conjunction with Tartan Day South
      Host motel – Parts room will be open , refreshments served 3:00 – 7:00
      Convoy to Hudson’s BBQ at 7:00pm
      Back to host motel for beer and lies

      April 1st
      Group breakfast in lobby 9:00 am
      guest depart

      The motel is The Wingate. It is very nice and they discounted our rooms by 20%. The room rate is $84.00 per night. When you call just say you are with the British Car Show. They also have Suites that are $104.00 for the Tiger owners! lol The link is:…hotel_id=30544

      The link for the registration to the show is our local British Car Club:

      We will have a parts room that will be locked when we are not there so you can bring lots of parts and not have to worry about them. Please request what part you are looking for so a fellow members can bring it to the show.

      Feel free to ask me or Eric Gibeaut about this weekend if you have any questions. We look forward to having 20 plus Sunbeams gather here that weekend.


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      Escape the frozen North and join us for the first show of the season! Even if your car is not running bring it on a trailer or just come and meet owners from all over the Southeast. Any Rootes cars is welcome. Eric

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      We have 12 Sunbeams registered so far (including one Imp!) and room for lots more. Come join us even if your car is not yet running-bring it on a trailer for us to admire your work! We have a great weekend planned for everyone and this year the show is in conjunction with the Scottish Games so there will be plenty to see and do for the whole family. Well over 100 British cars will be at the show on Saturday. Eric

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      Please get your registrations in prior to Feb. 28th to get your free t-shirt. We do now have the first Tiger pre-registered??????? All Alpines so far. Where are the Tigers????? Last year we had at least six Tigers. I was hoping for ten this year. As Eric said, Escape the cold north and join us for our 6th gathering of Sunbeams and Carolina British Classics VI.


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      The link to the hotel shown above does not work-here is the correct link … l_id=30544
      There is still plenty of time to register-the hotel is about 8 miles from the track and the show and we plan on doing a number of things at the hotel as well for the group such as a swap meet and a hospitality room. There are nearly 20 Sunbeams registered so far and room for lots more-come join us at this first big Sunbeam event of 2012! Eric

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      So far we have nearly 100 total British cars registered and expect another 40 or so to join us. This is going to be a great event! Eric

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      I just found out that there will be TWO Harrington LeMans at our show. We will celebrate the Harrington’s 50th birthday during the weekend!

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      We had a great turnout yesterday-nearly 20 cars including a Minx and a Husky. It was great seeing everyone again! Thanks to Todd for getting everyone together. Let’s all get together again at the Furman Show at the end of May. Eric

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      A short video of a weekend of Sunbeam fun. …

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