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      Bob Smith

      I am looking to buy a good set of bumpers for my Tiger.

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      Bob, I have a rear bumper from my 1965 Tiger that has a minor ding in the middle. I can send you a picture if interested. Chrome is actually pretty good, but would require a re-chrome and straightened out to make it perfect. Let me know. I’m in the Atlanta area.
      Bill Cartus

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      Marc Girardin

      I have a set with brackets,if needed. Can send you pictures if you want.

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      Bob Smith

      I just purchased one that will need rechromed. What condition is yours in and how much are you asking?

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      I have about ten bumpers in different conditions. Several are straight, but need rechroming.
      Brackets I should have also if needed.
      LLet me know if interested 64venezia(at)gmail(dot) com in New Hampshire. Robert

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      Hi, I don’t know if this post is too late, but I have a set of the stainless steel bumpers. There have been some negative posts on these bumpers on one or more platforms, but these are unfounded. The bumpers are very well done. See my photo on my membership description of my Tiger, and the front bumper is one of the stainless steel bumpers. Also, Sy Block recently wrote a series on the restoration of his Tiger, and he used these bumpers. Pictures in the recent club magazine.

      Anyway, the point is that I have a set of these bumpers available. Let me know if you want to consider them. Cliff

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      Bob Smith

      Thanks, I have my bumper issue solved

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