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      Foothills British Car Club is once again planning a British Invasion at Carolina Motorsports Park.
      Here is a link to the track
      The track is located about 25 NE of Columbia, South Carolina.
      At this late date I believe that Hap’s intro for last year’s (4th annual) covers the Saturday 17 November 2012 5th annual event far better than anything I could write. Please remember the date for this event is Saturday 17 November 2012.

      Congregate near the CMP concession stand between 1000 and 1030 on Saturday 17 November 2012.

      If you need additional information please
      Pat Harris

      Here is Hap’s annoncement from last year
      Yep, hard to believe, we have not been ran off from here yet So once again we plan on returning to Carolina Motorpsorts Park for our 4th annual British Invasion at CMP. This is about as laid back of event as it gets, bring your street car (preferably British, but not required) to track on Saturday Nov. 17th, and get to do two 20 minute session on the track in a spirited manner, no helmets required, passengers are welcome to ride alone. We normally meet and park over the near turn 2, near the concession stand, nice restrooms also near by (I know you ladies like such details). Overall it’s just a fun time, to get to go out on the track in our little cars, and take a few laps at something much better than a pace lap. CMP is a interesting road racing track, very technical and designed for cars like our LBCs, go as slow or fast (within reason) as you like, for the faster folks, trust me, you’ll like this, we normally attack the corners and back off on the straights, you’ll be plenty tested. All CMP has ever ask us for is the normal gate fee, I think it is 5 or 10 bucks a head, it cost nothing to do the track sessions. We normally have about 15-20 British cars there, lots of neat stuff, lots of the folks that done this with us, have been with us since the first year, so they must be enjoying, it I know I do, I like seeing the smile on folks faces when they come off the track and start telling you about there time on track, like kids at Christmas Men, women, children, dogs, you name it, you’re all welcome.

      This is always lots of fun and a great way to finish a year of British car driving and events.
      I will see you there! Eric

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