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      Come join a large group of Sunbeam and Rootes cars at the Great Scot British Car Show held in conjunction with the Greenville Highland Games which will be on Saturday June 6th on the campus of Furman University in Greenville, SC.
      This is the first year for this car show, which is being held alongside the ongoing Greenville Highland Games. These games have been drawing 15,000 -18,000 visitors and they are one of the best attended Highland games in the USA. Clans will travel from all over to compete in the traditional Scottish heavy athletic events.
      The website for more information is located at: … ar%20Show_

      So far I know of at least 8 Sunbeams that will be there. And one of them will be driven by an 84 years young female Tiger owner with some great stories to tell. Bring a Sunbeam and join us! Eric

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      Hi Eric , Wish I could be there but I have commited to VIR, Gold Cup Races that weekend. Have fun Later George

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      I just found out that there will be a Sunbeam class at this show-disregard what you may see on the registration form. See you there with a Sunbeam! Eric
      PS-sorry you can’t make it George.

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      Anyone else going? Remember this is Drive your British car week! Eric

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      A total of 8 Sunbeams made it to this show-we had more cars in any class there except for the MGB class and they had 9 cars! It was a wonderful setting for a show-we were lined up under shade trees on the main entrance to the University. It was good to see Sunbeam friends again. Madeleine P. was there with her Tiger and she drove it down from North Carolina. She is 85 years young and fun to be around. When she first got the Tiger she was complaining of a squealing sound coming from the back of the car in first and second gear. Her neighbor came by to check out the problem and told her to just drive a little slower and to quit burning rubber! Plans were made about the upcoming Sunbeam SOS and British car show to be held in Columbia, SC on Sept. 12th as well as the Sunbeam Invasion which will be in Asheville, NC next May. Eric

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      How about some photos and a short article for the RR about this show. Please send it to me directly as I have trouble getting photos off the website.


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