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      Below are the minutes from our third BOD & Officers meeting on August 26, 2005. If you have any questions or comments, please fee free to contact me.

      Board of Directors Meeting – Friday, August 26, 2005

      In attendance: Anthony DiBattista, Chuck King, Susan DiBattista, Tiger Tom Ehrhart, Robert Jaarsma, Jim Morrison, John Logan Sr., Ranney Dohogne, Tom Calvert, Dan Fitzgerald, Fred Baum, Steve Halbrook, Eric Gibeaut

      Meeting called to order at: 8:13PM

      Roll call taken and quorum is present.

      Secretary, Susan DiBattista read the previous minutes.


      1) Decline of Club Assets: Possible dues increase, wait for F. Baum projected cost of newsletter in future. F. Baum to work w/P. Almjeld to find cheaper printing. Microsoft PrintShop suggested by R. Jaarsma. Kinkos suggested by J. Logan. Bulk mailing permit by F. Baum looked into – club can’t get permit. Fred suggested mailing labels. A. DiBattista asked Fred to put together a cost/budget proposal for newsletter to submit for review at United. C. King suggested looking into R. Dohogne local printer. TT complimented Fred on his efforts/proactiveness on newsletter. J. Logan suggests doing comparison among other clubs dues. Will United make money? Most previous have made money. Treasurer has received $2600.00 from J. Miller and looking for another $2600.00 J. Miller has not asked for any money from club. R. Dohogne asked if we liable for autocross with other clubs participating. A. DiBattista asked C. King for update from J. Miller on United autocross. A. DiBattista will email F. Baum – reminder of looking for advertisements.

      2) Marketing of TE/AE / Club name change – President supports TE/AE Chapter under umbrella organization. President received positive responses from other clubs. Trademark issue – R. Guerra added our name to opposition list. TT says our club has taken leadership in developing umbrella organization.

      3) Regional Representatives concerns & Out of pocket expenses – Out of pocket cash up front might be a problem for some people. A. DiBattista gave reps his support and also the support of the club.

      4) Comments from other clubs on SUNI and Autocross rules: President read comments from other club Presidents in response to his letter. Positive comments from STOA. SAOCA also sent positive comments (Mike Phillips) and also Dick Sanders (PTC). Recommend J. Morrison & J. Logan to comment on PTC’s autocross rules. President read M. Palmier’s letter in response to SUNI letter. TT suggests bringing other clubs together to voice a say in United. Nat’l org, autocross rules combined to bring clubs together.
      R. Jaarsma suggests having a mini-united during the year of SUNI for members who don’t attend SUNI. Suggestions for next SUNI location to be sent to M. Palmier (Indianapolis).
      President will invite other club presidents to meet at United mtg.

      5) BOD meeting time at United XXV – A. DiBattista suggestions Friday evening. J. Morrison suggests moving until after dinner. A.DiBattista suggests 8:00pm for mtg. Suggestion agreed upon.

      6) Replacement of vacant Representative posts – Steve Halbrook is suggested as Florida/Georgia rep taking over for John Webber (recommended) by J. Webber. J. Morrison asked which regions are vacant. (Fl-GA, VA, Deep South, NJ). A. DiBattista will contact S. Halbrook and ask him to submit nomination for rep and read the clubs by-laws. Vote taken on S. Halbrook for FL/GA. All agreed. President to contact S. Halbrook on new position. A. DiBattista to contact B. Mounce on vacant regional representative spot. A.D to contact E. Esslinger for suggestions on vacancies in Deep South. Also, Russ Eshelman.

      7) Concours Rules for 2006 – B. Sharkey commented on rules for ’06. We’ll use existing rules for this yr and they’re posted on website. D. Johnson was working on Tiger rules (Alpha-Romeo) but put on hold for this year. Need person for Alpine rules. J. Logan suggests M. Phillips (SAOCA) to work Alpine rules. TT suggests using United to look for people to rewrite new rules. Suggestion for judges meeting before concours. Current concours rules will apply for United XXV. TT suggests changing numbers on judging sheets. Reduce count from 10 to 6 on “general appearance” (stock) and add 2 points to “Adherence to originality and authenticity”.

      Action item: Meet after United and ask for suggestions on people to rewrite rules. President will ask Mike Phillips for names from his club to help w/concours rules. President will contact all Presidents and M. Palmier for a copy of their concours rules.
      – President has not contacted presidents. Will do so after United.

      Action item: C. King to contact Parkers about Castle Tours and be prepared to refund money at registration. Suggestion to pick time to go as a group. Possibly 2:00PM on Friday. Decision to be made in a few days. Canceled Friday Tech Sessions.
      – Completed

      United Items from C. King: 19 pre-registration forms received as of today, Parkers emailed everyone for dinner choices (missing from original registration form), security for cars (do we need it?).
      – Security guard for all 3 nights at $10.00/hr.

      Minutes approved and agreed upon as read.

      COMMITTEE REPORTS (New Business):

      Treasurer: V. Moon not present. In treasurer’s absence, President gave a brief report as follows:
      1) Newsletter costs continue to come down, 2) Membership income is $962.00 over newsletter cost YTD, 3) Club is on target to be in the black for 2005, 4) Current club cash balance: $8800.00.

      Regalia: E Gibeaut not present

      Publicity: Vacant

      Newsletter: Fred presented copies of proposals from printers. Fred to look into cost of 4-color printing.
      Converting files to PDF. F. Baum to look into cost of PDF files.

      Membership: 590 members. 47 states, PA has most members followed by FL & OH.
      32 new members, 80 dropped members (not renewed). 404 tigers, 289 alpines, 24 other.

      Website: Jim D’Amelio not present.

      New Business (Agenda):

      Trademark Issues: Frank Mooney present, our legal council. Person filed a trademark for our name. Club had 30 days to oppose it. Opposition was filed on July 21st on behalf of TE/AE. Also Sunbeam Specialists, STOA, CAT at the cost of $600.00. Michael Hughes is due to respond to our opposition as to why our opposition isn’t valid. Clothing, automotive (2 categories). Would get exclusivity on the name. Our club has used the name for 30-40 years. Sunbeam Alpine trademark name was denied. “Sunbeam” was issued to him in automotive & clothing. Once he responses to opposition, we can contact him directly. Each club has filed an opposition separately. Rob Guerra will send letter to key Sunbeam businesses asking for each to reimburse the four clubs for a total of 70% reimbursement to the clubs. President was misinformed that all clubs were splitting the cost. President will look closer at future out of pocket costs from club.

      Declining Club Assets: F. Baum working on reducing costs of newsletter. Won’t know budget of united until later. Won’t vote on increase until after new printer is found. E. Gibeaut asked about email softcopy of newsletter vs. hardcopy. Suggested giving an option to members to choose email instead. F. Baum said it wouldn’t be much of a savings to the club. Most cost is in setup not postage. R. Jaarsma suggests bi-monthly as a cost savings. 40% of club members have email addresses. J. Morrison suggested sending a link containing the monthly newsletter to members. J. Morrison suggests polling members of their interest. TT suggests putting it in place w/o a vote.
      Motion to J. Morrison to coordinate w/webmaster to publish newsletter link.

      New Regional Representatives: Steve Halbrook is present at United. President will introduce Steve at GMM. President will call for vote on Dan Fitzgerald as new rep for VA. Vote accepted.
      R. Dohogne suggests looking at regions for reps vs. membership. Possibly redefining the regions. Bill Evans suggested as a new representative. President will contact B. Evans for his interest in position. Still looking to fill a few vacancies.

      United XXVI: TT suggests going thru roster and call members for next United. Announcement will be made at GMM for United host for 2006.

      United XXV: President went over the estimated budget (based on 100 registrants) and updated with actual thru 8/19/05.
      $252.00 in regalia sales so far as reported by E. Gibeaut.

      Election of BOD Mtg: Jim Morrison & John Logan. J. Morrison will not run again next year. J. Morrison to ask Carl Moon to run for BOD.
      TT seconds vote.
      Dan Cameron, Jim D’Amelio, Bob Harper, Steve Hansen. Rick McCurdy, Carl Moon, Bob Sharkey, Steve Silverstein as suggested names. John Sybrandt suggested by J. Morrison.
      Nominations are announced at GMM and newsletter. GM can nominate at GMM.
      J. Morrison will talk to R. McCurdy, John Sybrandt & J. Logan to talk to Bob Harper.

      Officers: President accepts nomination for another yr. Vice President accepts nomination also. Suggestions for new Treasurer. Motion called for: Officers accepted nomination.
      TT & R. Jaarsma second the motion.

      Action Item: discussion on providing PDF files directly to printer to save on newsletter costs to move to forum for continued discussion.

      Meeting adjourned at: 10:42pm

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