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      I am looking for the best fitting, indoor use, car cover for my Tiger.

      What do you recommend for a good fit? Not really wanting a universal fit as some touch the ground.

      Thanks, hope everyone is staying healthy.


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      Jim and Mary Murphy

      What is your budget? I have used the Dustop cover on all of my garaged cars. I just bought one for my Tiger from California Car Covers, but they are sold at other sites too.

      The Dustop is custom fit, thick enough to absorb casual bumps but flexible enough that one person can put it on and off

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      I got the flannel-lined cotton one (indoor only) from Rick (Sunbeam Specialties)… great fit and supports the team that helps us keep these things on the road. Mine still looks good after 30 years.

      I have an all-weather cover (for travelling) from CA Car Cover… I have had good success with them for other cars, but the one for the Tiger had to go back for re-work (was too short on sides).

      Good luck.

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      The same as Mark Petri said, the one fro Sunbeam Specialties fits perfect and is nice and soft for indoors.

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