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      I’ve had my SV running for a good 3 yrs, have wanted to attend BASH for 4 and really wanted to come to this one. So, was not happy that a week before I started having problems w/warm up as well as a new habit. She would just die, when rpms dropped, like at a light, stop sign or slow traffic. Sometimes I’d have to use a battery "power pack" to get it restarted. It would be fine on highway and idled well, stationary, after difficult starting and warmup. If I could keep momentum, a bumpstart would bring her back to life. Sometimes it would come back and be fine, sometimes I had to keep the rpms way up, to get home. But, it was intermittent. Sometimes it would drive fine, sometimes it would be a b-witch. Anyway, dispite the obvious signs, I set out, in the Alpine w/my wife, Linda, driving her modern Mini, for the 100 and some miles of mostly interstate. I was hoping to find out the problems at the BASH fix-in…

      continued from post in Rants and Raves

      So, my buddy, Steve and I had left Tiger Toms, after picking up my Alpine, 4 days after BASH. Help at the fix-in, for problems I was having was offered, and excepted. I thought I’d fixed the majority of problems, I’d been having. Little did I know. Everything was fine, until getting to I83. That little feeling of being blown around by big trucks and wind, I mentioned in other post, had morphed into a white knuckle fight to keep it in a lane at anything above 40mph, for close to 100 miles. Steve, following in his truck, said I was all over the road. Stopped to check tires, a little low in front, topped them up to 35psi, maybe helped a little but not much. I was happy to get in Baltimore Beltway, rush hour traffic, so I could slow down, but ya know that little dying at low rpm’s, it came back. I was able to do the last 20miles or so by using, clutch, hand brake and high rpms, but got home. First priority was finding problem w/steering/front end. Got it up on blocks, and noticed left side was really toed out, compared w/right. Tried to see if anything was obvious, got Phill Jones over, to look at it and we couldn’t find anything wrong. Although he did find a shim on frame, near left A-arm and it seem a little "less tight" than the other side. A year and half ago, I’d lost a ball joint and replaced them all around as well as tie rod ends. I’d had it aligned at 2 different places, the first did a bad job, the second seemed to have gotten it right, which is why it was such a surprise it just started to go squirrely, after almost a year. After exhausting all other options at my do it yourself angle, I bit the bullet and called a place that had come up in searches for LBC repair. MountJoy classic car repair, in Hyattsville, MD. Mostly Triumphs, MG’s and Minis, which is 1 of the reasons I hadn’t looked at them closer. I took slow roads to get there, and didn’t have a dying problem. It came down that it was way out of alignment, but there was another problem. One of their guys noticed something odd about the steering arms. It turned out that the steering arms were switched right to left or backwards, still not sure which. Somewhere in the past, either I did it when working on ball joints or some time w/a previous owner. I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m gonna look when I get it up on blocks again. It just doesn’t make sense that they could go on anyway other than correct. I asked them to do some fine adjustments on carb and timing, and they noticed I needed new u-joints, soon. They were on the list of things to do, and already have a new pair. They are also of the opinion that the cheap 13" merchants tires I have on there are trailer tires and strongly suggested I get "real" tires. I think it was Toyos, that were recommended as a good option. MountJoy is a good shop and were reasonable on price. I would recommend them, for anyone in the DC/Baltimore area, in need of a good mechanic that’s not plugged into a computer.
      So, I’m going down the road w/a big grin on my face, because it’s not trying to kill me and driving well, until getting close to home and having to deal w/lights again. Started the dying routine again. Dam! All that time in shop, not a peep of this problem! Started looking around and kinda narrowed in on a splice I’d made, splitting power to electric choke and the Weber 32/36’s "idle cut-off solenoid". I’d never been happy w/the splice, but let it go, "because it was working". Repaired the splice and haven’t had the problem, after putting quite a few miles on it, w/a lot of lights and stop and go, in the past few days. I’m thinking I got it fixed.
      Well any of y’all that have made it to the end of this epic, I thank you. Maybe there are some bits, others can use. Thanks also, to everyone that helped me w/this and other problems I probably wouldn’t have figured out, on my own.

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      Glad to hear you made it home safely with that alignment / steering arm problem.
      Also glad to hear you diagnosed that intermittent problem. Electrical gremlins that come and go are the hardest to find, because when you stop to look for them, they’re never acting up.

      That’s what the club is all about, helping each other along the way to enjoying our cars.

      Until next time….

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      Glad that you made it home safely. Interstate travel with a small car can be a little tough anyway, and that wandering sounds pretty bad.
      I love a story with a happy ending 😀 Nice that you got everything sorted out and even found a shop for help (when/if needed).

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      Thanks, just hope my optimism is justified. Not much different to when I HAD to work on this era’s cars, just to get to work. 😆

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