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      Ok you racers- I have a firm offer on one of two Northern KY University lots. I just walked them and they are about 400′ x 300′ and 433′ x 290′. Seems big when you are walking it but not huge I guess. Some rough spots, mostly flat but with a sloped section. The 400 x 300 had a rough area but also a completely repaved area. Probably a toss up between the two. $500 for our choice, same as the Ford site if it came through and $1500 less than the race track.

      So, i am looking for thoughts from racers as to whether this will do. I will probably wait until Monday, if I have enough patience, to see if the SCCA has a better offer before locking this down. If anyone thinks this is too small speak now or forever hold your piece. We are obviously running out of time.

      Good news- this is very close to the hotel making it very convenient. The Ford parking lot is about 30 miles away.

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