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      Sounds like a great idea-this was from a site selling truck tire supplies. I guess you wouldn’t need to use so much in a smaller tire-anyone ever try this? Eric

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      Bob and Jean Webb

        for the many years that i was responsible for the truck fleet, i used these in the tires of our medium and class 8 trucks .worked real good on them .

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        I’ve seen your question for some time but never responded until now. I’ve got five LAT 9’s in almost show condition and I’ll use them just for shows with some vintage tires. When I showed the LAT9’s to the local tire store guy he immediately suggested the granules that you talk about. They do a lot of truck tires too. Have you heard anything else about this?

        Bill Marras

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        No I have not. Please let us know how well they work on your LAT wheels! Thanks, Eric

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