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      Just to make sure I will not have problems down the road, I like to insert a new front seal in my transmission. The old one is out.
      How to put the new one in?? Can that be done without taking off the cover with the input bearing, etc.? Then, what is the trick to squeeze the seal together to insert it, without damaging the outside rubber?
      The seal has a rounded corner on the opposite end, which makes me think it has to go in from the inside?
      Thanks for the help.

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      Jaars, If you have your replacement seal in hand, look at it closely on the inside ring. You will see that the rubber has either 1 or 2 slanted rings.

      Now the slant always goes’ in towards the oil. Never forget that. Other wise when any pressure builds up the oil will come right out,, not pleasing thing. 😡
      Now for the install. You can install the seal with out taking the face plate off. When you are starting the seal into the grove for it , try to make it as flat as possible. Using a vasoline type lubricate both the shaft and the seal, in and outside.. And the seal grove!!

      I always use a wooden block( cut off broom handle or dowell) for starting a seal in , then as it starts going in tap the wood with a hammer and carefully at that. A metal ring seal will bend and become out of shape, the rubber ones tend to go in a little easier. Either seal, with the block go around the seal to seat it fully flat.

      Oh yes and clean up all that slippery assembly grease, it does not help a clutch, use dry clean rags…

      Well thats about that.
      Good luck in your venture.
      Chuck and The Pumpkin

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      You can also go to the hardware store and buy a length of pipe the same diameter as the seal and a bit longer than the transmission input shaft. Get the seal started, slide the pipe over the input shaft and carfully tap the seal into place.

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