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      While this is on my Alpine I am using a Tiger rear end it is certainly a modified Alpine either way.

      I am using Alfa Spider rotors and Merkur Scorpio calipers. The Alfa rotors have the right bolt pattern and the off set or hat is fairly deep so it sets the caliper inboard a bit. The front drive Ford rotors I looked at were all pretty shallow and would cause problems fitting in my 13 inch minilights. I took the rotors to a friends shop and had him open up the center hole to fit over the tiger hub and also reduce the diameter of the rotor by 1/4 inch. The smaller diameter makes for a better fit in the wheel and to the caliper. The Merkur caliper has a internal park brake that is cable activated and is a floating caliper. I now just need to make a caliper bracket and figure out the park brake. Figure to be in at about $100~150 when all is said and done.

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      Hey Jim
      Do those brackets get welded to the rear axle? Will you be making any type cover for the disc brake? Is a proportioning valve now needed for 4 wheel discs? thanks, Eric

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      They do get welded to the axle tube. The narrow end fits about half way around the axle in board of the flange where the axle bearing rides. The Alfa hubs are pretty deep, which I wanted for clearing my 13 inch minilights, but they set in so far that a bracket that would bolt to the axle flange is more than I want to make. The weld on bracket is simple.

      The caliper slide [float?] will bolt to the wide end of the bracket once I figure out how to mark where the bolt holes go. Then it is down to figuring out how to make the park brake work and I am looking at Lokar for cables.

      Do not plan on using a dust shield at this time. I will use a proportioning valve and am thinking to go with one from a Volvo but then might break down and buy a Wilwood.

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      The Sunbeam E-brake is not very adaptable the motion only goes the one way as it pushes on one side and pulls on the other. All the calipers I looked at have E-brakes that are pull on both sides. I looked at Lokar’s stuff and they sell a cable set up that should work and be pretty straight forward to hook up to the Sunbeam lever. I was all set to dive in and buy when I found this auction on ebay, seems to be the same as the Lokar stuff and a good price. Will see once it gets here. … RK:MEWA:IT

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      Got the E brake cables and they look good the one part that is not supplied is the clevis to attach the end of the cables to the arm on the caliper E brake. Lokar has the part for about $25 a pair.

      Worked on the caliper brackets and placement has me scratching my head. Getting everything square and having the bracket the right distance from the rotor is the thing that is giving me trouble. Would rather get it right the first go round. TIme to get the wood template back out.

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      Have the brackets done now just need to get the caliper centered on the rotor and weld the bracket to the housing. I added a bracing piece to the bracket due to the caliper being on a slide or float thought it might put some side ways stress on the bracket maybe not needed but was simple to do.

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      Dan Richardson

        Curious as to the final results of your Rear Disc Brakes ?


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        Dan Richardson

          I don’t believe the Article by Jim Ellis covers a completed project?

          For those interested, here is a Link to my PDF on the Rear Disc Brakes designed for Sunbeam Alpines/Tigers.

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