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      Wow, my first real contribution to the board.

      I bought a radio console with radio for my 66 Tiger recently. Upon removing the radio and doing some cleaning, I discovered that it had a burnt out bulb that illuminates the dial when power is on. So, this set off a search for a new bulb. I finally discovered that is was a 12V, 1.5W European bulb that just about nobody has.

      Here is a picture of the original bulb on the left and the replacement on the right –

      The replacement bulb is a R280 (200 hours) available from They can only be purchased in packs of 10. The end cost is $1.50 per bulb including shipping.

      It was worth the wait. Here is my Motorola 113T lit up –

      Did you Motorola Radio owners know there was a red light in the middle of the dial when the radio was on? That was a nice surprise.

      If you are interested in a bulb or two, I am willing to sell five of the bulbs I have for $1.50 each + shipping.

      Hope this helped some of you.

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