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      We just got this info yesterday. The tours of the presidential planes are now open and the info below tells how to sign up for them while at the museum. Also we will have reserved parking for our cars too.

      As you come down
      the museum driveway, take the first left and then the 2nd left after passing
      the playground. You will have plenty of space for all your cars to park.

      The Presidential buses have started up again. When we open at 0900 you will
      enter the museum on the Visitor Parking Lot side. Walk on the sidewalk and
      follow it around the building to the entrance door.
      Go through the gift shop and turn to your left, where there is a
      presidential sign up desk. Everyone will need a current driver’s license or
      passport, unless they are under 18. First bus orientation starts at 0915.
      There are 8 bus trips a day, but they only take 39 per bus. Would suggest
      your people sign up first, before doing anything else. Have provided a web
      address that explains a little more about the tour. There is no charge to use
      the museum buses or to visit the museum. … asp?id=180

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