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      I am helping a friend build my (OK, it is really his) dream garage. He wants to run air pipe around the area where most of the work will be done on his race car. He was telling me that he planned on going with PVC. I told him that was a very bad idea. I know that PVC just won’t cut it at high pressure but I am running into a brick wall looking for affordable alternatives. Thick walled copper would be great but it is right at $5 a foot. Black steel pipe would do it but I have to think it would rust frum the inside out. I believe PEX would do it but am concerned about the fittings and the availability of fittings to connect the various source points. Any suggestions?

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      How many linear feet of piping are you talking about?

      I ran copper on two walls about 7 years ago before the price went through the roof. I have been accumulating pipe and fittings to do the other wall when I occasionally find stuff on sale.

      I guestimate that I have about 60 feet already run and am going to run another 25 – 30 feet. I put quick disconnects every 6 feet and also have 60 feet of hose that I use to run outside when there is no room in the garage for the latest daily driver repair project.

      I don’t have a cost comparison because of the time frame, but copper is the way to go.

      Fred Baum


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      I know that if you are working with less than 125psi the PVC works great I have it in my shop for 15 years no problems and a friend has had it in his shop for over 25years and no problems?

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      What the heck. It’s not my money. It will probably work out to be a run of about 60′. I was optimistic that there would be a bargain out there but it isn’t looking good. He can decide if he wants to go with PVC or copper. I have heard some horror stories about what happens if the PVC gets struck by something. Kind of like a plastic hand grenade. There is a new aluminum pipe system out there but it is expensive, too. Personally, I hope he goes with PEX. I will have to re-plumb my house at some point in the future and I would know where to borrow the $150 PEX fitting crimping tool.

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      Use zink coated steel pipe. When it rusts enough to leak your friend’s grandchildren can replace it.

      John Logan

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