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      It will be nearly 80 here in the sunny South this weekend-anyone else going for a January Sunbeam drive? Eric

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      Bob and Jean Webb

        NO!!!!!!!!! it’s mid 60’s and rainy. that stirs up the salt on the road. that makes it bad for cars that have not seen salt since restoration. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they’re locked inside with their warm covers protecting them.

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        Was supposed to be near sixty and nice today here near Philly… but I think the sun was only out for 1/2 hour – never quite dried things out from all the rain yesterday/last night and stayed cooler & damp. Maybe it will be nice on Sunday(?)
        Thus the little Tiger stayed inside [under the cover] with some of his pals… I hope to finish "winterizing" tomorrow.

        Hey, but at least I haven’t needed the snowblower yet this year ๐Ÿ˜€

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        It was a beautiful Saturday in North Florida. Went to a morning cruise-in with the top up and an evening cruise-in with the top down. Perfect Sunbeam weather.
        Today is supposed to be just as nice. Winter returns late in the week with daytime temps going down to the 60s. Brrrr.

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        I was hopeful too Mark, but the fog never lifted here this weekend, and the roads were still wet.
        I did look under the car cover to make sure it was still under there.

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        Yes, Eric… Sunday was no better – actually more misty and damp than Saturday.
        So much for listening to (and believing) the weather forecast ๐Ÿ˜ก

        I did finish the "re-arranging" of the cars for winter storage… how long until April???

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        Well this was a weekend for the weather record books down here. Saturday’s high of 82 broke a 100 year record for the daily high temp. Sunday was nearly 80. Not typical for a winter day here in South Carolina but it is days like this that remind me why I moved here from Ohio a long time ago! Eric

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        Bob and Jean Webb

          the weather we are getting right now makes me wish i was down south. the rain is piling up on the deck. it’s 32 and raining. freezing rain !

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          Ron & Linda Jones

            Cold, dark, wet, ugly…in the mid-Atlantic
            Wouldn’t be caught dead in California, so think this should be renamed "Carolina Dreamin’".

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            I was wondering if Bud will still be "bragging" about the weather there in Jacksonville when he has to try to clean all of the "love bugs" off the front of his cars :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ™„

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            Hot, dry and dusty here in North Idaho. Well, almost.

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            quote T-GRRR:

            Hot, dry and dusty here in North Idaho. Well, almost.

            I’m lookin’ at the photo… doesn’t look exactly hot or dry… maybe a "dusting" of that white powder, tho ๐Ÿ™„

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            Solution to Love Bugs: A nice heavy coat of wax between the paint and the lovers. They are a pain but I think I would rather have a Love Bug season than a Mud season like they have in Vermont.

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            We have to same thing as Bob has in Idaho. The humidity turns white and collects on the ground.

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