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      I will be installing a 6 bolt block in my Tiger MK1 as my restoration reaches that point. I am wondering if Ford made an aluminum bellhousing that accepted both the narrow front ’64 toploader and also the wide front ’65 and later toploader.
      What options have other Tiger owners used?
      Thanks for your help. I will need lots more in coming months.

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      Hi Gene
      I just did this conversion this past summer . I had the new 6 bolt bell housing drilled to match my narrow bolt pattern. its been working fine. You also will have to change the front bearing retainer the holes are different sizes. We also weilded extra round stock in the inside of the bell housing to accept more threads after drilling and tapping its not very thick in this area.


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      hi dave am doing the 6 bolt bell housing thing now due to an engine upgrade would like to know what clutch fork and t.o. bearing you used. have the slave cyl bracket mod finished.and the bellhousing finished i understand that there are t.o. bearings of diferent sizes and will engage the clutch a little sooner and also may put the slave cyl in a little bind thus making the clutch ped a bear to push. as to the fork what i have is the type that has the top and bottom holes for a pin at the pivit and the bell housing has a vert. flat piece of steel that acts as the pivot i dont know if the fork will stay suspended on the pivot without the benefit of some sort of retainer.. so maybe another fork is inorder but dont know. if you had this problem and fixed or what clutch forkor mod did you do .if it was a dif fork who might have them in sock and whatcar and year were they off of ?? would like to do this right the first time dont want to drop the engine and trans. for a long time thanks earl blu oval

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      Jeff Nichols

        Ford did make a aluminum 6 bolt bell housing with both top loader bolt patterns, narrow and wide. I bought one off of Ebay several years ago. They are rather rare because Ford only needed them to use up their stock of narrow bolt pattern trans. If you have the CAT shop notes you can see a photo of one. There are some after market aluminum bell housings with dual bolt patterns that show up on Ebay.

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        I have probably taken care of the modification problem. I just purchased a 1964 289 engine block with the 5 bolt bell housing bolt pattern. I should be able to bolt the original equipment to the engine as I rebuild it. If anyone knows of a problem using this particular block, please let me know.

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