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      I appreciated the article by Terry Ramsey regarding installation of a 3rd brake light on the Sunbeam Alpine/Tiger. I wrote an article for the Rootes Review back in 2006 about a similar installation. I have 3rd brake lights installed on all three of my Sunbeams. I sell them through my online business – Pete’s Performance Wiring. I now have available 32 LED units.

      Like Terry, I have concerns about other drivers being able to see our Tigers/Alpines. The addition of a 3rd brake light is helpful. One other thing that I have done, thanks to a suggestion by John Logan, is to install double filament bulbs so that I have running lights in both the top and bottom of the light fixture. Additionally, I have the brake light bulbs in the top of the fixture as I think it improves visibility for drivers following.

      my 20 cents worth

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