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      I arrived home after 2008 trouble free miles in Ol Blue with a V6/Toyota 5speed. I am very happy with the drivetrain combo. I have not yet calculated final mileage figures, but all fillups on the way out averaged over 25 mpg. I suspect the return trip will be similar, even with AC.

      Kudos to all from TEAE who spearheaded this event. It was one of the more enjoyable Sunbeam events I have ever attended.

      from sunny South Dakota, Pete

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      It was certainly an enjoyable event. Everything ran smoothly and the hotel was very accommodating.

      It was nice to talk with you some more, Pete. Glad to hear the V6 is working out for you.

      (My Series 3 averaged in the low 30’s cruising the speed limit on I-70 the whole way home. I had only 2/65 air conditioning… 2 windows 65 mph.)

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      Nice work guys – a safe return and with good mileage 8)
      100% agree – fantastic event 🙂

      Preliminary calculations put us at 12.1 mpg 🙄 that’s with somewhere around 2.5 tons of E250, trailer, Tiger, wheelchairs, electric scooter, 2 adults, cooler, tools and luggage.

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      A great United for sure!

      After taking 4 leisurely days to get to Dayton, (and enduring a bad vacuum leak and broken ball joint that kept me from attempting the auto-cross), we drove straight home on the Interstates, having repaired the vacuum leak (PCV) with Tiger Tom’s help and the ball joints with new ones from Mike Swope’s table at the parts room and Dougie Jennings garage. The car performed flawlessly on the way home, and we got 30 mpg as well! I’m looking forward to Atlanta already.

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