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      I’m on the verge of purchasing a 2-post lift.
      It will serve 2 main purposes – freeing up a parking spot when used for storage, and for the occasional minor work such as oil changes, tire rotations, wheel/tire changes, etc on our fleet.
      I doubt that it will end up cycling more than once per month on average.
      My options seem to be somewhat limited since I have only 110V power in my pole building, and I need 102" drive-thru clearance.
      This unit seems to be a good deal, and the guys at Best Buy Automotive Equipment have been most helpful: … -9k-fp.htm
      Can anyone offer any feedback?

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      No direct experience with it, but I can say that it is more affordable than the Atlas post lift.

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      Jim Stone

      I have always heard that 2-post lifts were bad for storing a car because the suspension hangs down, rather than being supported as it would on a 4-post lift (or the ground). Perhaps someone here can also weigh in on that for you.

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      Thanks guys.
      my unit was purchased, "revised", and installed last year. It’s been holding the Thunderbird since November with my trailer stored underneath… overall I’m pretty pleased.
      Jim – the whole issue with the suspension "hanging" is something that I’ve just heard about over the last few months [strangely enough], I wiil try to be careful.
      Among my planned uses, storing the trailer up and out of the way was very high up the list, I don’t think that the suspension issue would apply to that?

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