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      My 1969/70 Alpine GT clutch master cylinder is shot! Does anyone have one available, or know of a suitable replacement that will work?

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      Gary Corbett

        William – Hi, you should be able to easily substitute a Wilwood master cylinder as the mounting flange will have the same dimensions. Looking at images on the Internet it looks like the hydraulic line could be a different size so some sort of fitting adapter could be required. You’ll probably need to use the pushrod from your current cylinder as well.


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        Sleeving should be another option. My series V brake master, clutch master, and clutch slave are all sleeved.


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        Marc Girardin

          Look at they may have it

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          Will the one that fits an MGB work? Any experience with the SACHS SH5383? Looks like tin can Lockheed unit..

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