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      Posted from a comment received on the website, contact Robert directly:

      My name is Robert
      Many years ago I saved All the Hillmans and Sunbeams out of the Unser yard in New Mexico before they were crushed. I still have a 1958 Husky, A 1960 Minx Convertible, A 1963 Minx 4 door and a 1958 Sunbeam rapier along with many parts. These cars are relatively rust free. I have lots of extra wheels and most of the glass for all the cars. I only have the title for the 4 door which is basically a running driving car. If you know anyone that would be interested I am willing to sell them all cheap but I want them all to go at the same time. Please feel free to share my email. I am located in Phoenix AZ.
      Have a great day

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