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      This is a new car to me, 1963 Alpine GT. Asking for guidance regarding a significant engine vibration in a 1592 engine that has about 200 miles on a rebuild. Vibration is significant enough to loosen the damper pulley bolt and it fell out. Also vibrates enough to make the radiator support sheet metal sing and generally a dull resonance through the rest of the car. In addition there is an internal noise at the front of the engine that sounds like slapping metal. Advice and opinions welcome.

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      When the engine was rebuilt, were the motor mounts replaced? The new motor mounts are very stiff and transmit more vibration into the body of the car than I like. I have vibration in my Series 3 at idle, which makes my horns vibrate on their mounting brackets.

      As for the slapping noise, I’m not sure. I wonder how the cam chain tensioner was installed? Hopefully the little oil spray tube is installed correctly as well and is operating. If its possible to eliminate the engine vibrating into the body finding the other noise may be easier.

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      When I installed an overdrive transmission in my series V in 2015, I installed new motor mounts from Classic Sunbeam. The rubber was too hard. The vibrations were really bad. I spoke with Sunbeam Specialties and Rick indicated their rubber is too hard as well. I bought a pair of mounts from Rootes Post Vintage Spares ( in the Netherlands and the vibration issue went away.


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      Thanks all for the input. Don’t know if the mounts were changed but poking them with a screw driver indicates they are very very hard. What about gearbox mounts. Is the available new ones too hard as well?

      Does the timing cover come of relatively easy?


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      I didn’t swap out the new gearbox mounts. I had purchased those from Sunbeam Specialties. The rubber compound on the gearbox mounts seemed softer than the engine mounts, but my test was only squeezing the mounts using my hands. I think the gearbox mounts are less critical than the engine mounts for handling the engine vibrations.


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      Another thing to note is that this could indicate a failing damper assembly too. The fact that the bolt came out indicates it was tightened properly. And originals do tend to crack in the pulley shaft keyway. Rootes parts in Europe have replacements if needed.

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      Loosened the motor mounts and lifted the engine slightly away from the mounts. Ran the engine. Big vibrations gone.

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