Richard Fritz

    The WizzzBANG guys completed the installation of a new repro Sunbeam Radio Console in my ’63 Alpine GT. I purchased a RetroSounds Bluetooth M2A Radio and a hidden power antenna to install with the Sunbeam console. The installation was not complicated because all the bits and pieces to secure it to the dash frame came with the console, and I recalled where the bolts and screws went from my first Sunbeam Radio Console back in the ’60s.
    The difficult part was working under the dash and tracing wires to find switched power and ground lines. None of the WizzzBANG crew is as svelte or as limber as they were when they first started working on Sunbeams several decades ago, so working under the Alpine’s dash was a challenge. Doing this install is a two-person job. One is under the dash and the other is the designated gopher because you can’t anticipate all the tools and wiring aids you’ll need before you scootch under. However, there were times when both of us were under the dash fitting the console frame to the dash support brackets and bolting things in place. It’s then you’ll need a third person to help get your sorry butts out of the car.
    I am using just the console speaker for now and it sounds quite good, and since all of the harness wires are labeled, adding additional front and rear speakers will be simple.
    Sources: http://www.retromanufacturing.com

    Here are a couple of photos…