Removing window and regulator:

–Remove all inside door hardware
–pop off the door panel
–remove the outer window to door seal (this is optional and just makes the window easier to slide out)
–remove the 1/4 window and the attached front channel (no need to remove the bolted in front channel that the 1/4 window channel slides into). Removing the 1/4 window allows the window to roll up an extra 1" to help in it’s removal
–loosen all the regulator bolts (I think there are 3)
–roll the window all the way up
–remove the rear bolt so the regulator will tip down at the rear
–slide the window forward off the regulator channel and out of the door
–tip the regulator back into it’s original position and reinstall the rear bolt
–roll the window regulator down
–remove the regulator bolts and remove the regulator from the large opening in the door

Reinstalling: Just the reverse order but you need to go slow and be patient to get everything aligned up so the door window rolls up and down correctly.

This would be a good time to remove and replace all the channel felt