Maybe this will help as to the why! lets say the Caddie weights 4000# the shock valving will be approprate for that vehicle, the Sunbeam weight might be 2000# so in essance the shock will be stiffer, also most oem and after market shocks do not have a lot of re bound hense the float ? as you and others
have said I,d go with the gas shocks (gas tends to keep the boiling point of the shock fluid stable thru travel and you can dial quite a bit of neg camber
on the stock front suspension. we has .75 deg on the stock Tiger we had and have 1 deg on the new one (an other story) also were running toe out,lots of discussion on this, and a minumal amount of caster 3 deg to be exact. and last but not least everybodys trying to make a buck!