Hi B….
Thanks for the reply. Just after writing my last note, I called KYB. They said they had identified the KG4616 as working on the Alpine/Tiger front. It’s listed, on ShockWareHouse, for the 86 to 95 Samuri. For the back they identified 343211 which is listed ,in SWH, for 82-02 Camaro, 53-62 Vette, 82-02 Firebird and Trans-Am.
Your suggestions of: KG4611A, is listed as front shocks for 64-78 Corona, 71-76 Corona Mark 2 and 70-83 Toyota 2WD pick-up. The KG5508 is listed, on SWH, as for 65-70 Electra and LaSaber, 71-76 Calis, Fleetwood, and Deville, and 65-68 Olds 88 and 98, except the picture shows top and bottom eyes, rather than bottom eyes and top peg, Alpines/(Tigers?) use. All these shocks are in the mid $30’s in price.
Not knowing anything about the physics of shocks, it would seem that the Samuri and the Camaro, Vette, Firebird, Trans-Am would have closest characteristics to Alpines/Tigers. Your #’s agree w/the Tech sections recomendations, as far as the cars, but I’m still not sure why a shock for such heavy cars would be appropriate for Alpines/Tigers.
Again, thanks for the replies and help
As an aside, I understand the Sunbeam merchants need to make a buck, and they provide a needed service for the community. They probably make a good bit of their needed profit on markups and I normally don’t mind, but when KYB’s are listed on their sites for $85 but are priced in the mid $30’s on regular, non specialty sites, that seems to be a bit excessive.