Joel and Gene,
Once again, thanks for the replies.
Joel, I’m on a pretty limited budget and replacing torsion bar, springs or getting double adjustable shocks just isn’t in it, right now. The reason I was looking at the tech sections suggestion of alternate shocks is that I would like to save a couple of $, if possible. Like some $50-60 shocks rather than the cheap $30 monroes, I have, vs the $180 konis, which I just cannot afford. The $80 KYB’s are a possibility, but still a bit out of my price range.
Gene, thanks for verifying that the bounce test is indicating replacing the shocks. I also believe in changing 1 variable at a time and it seems shocks would be the logical 1st step. Your and Joel’s suggestions are much appreciated, but there is that budget problem. I’m pretty sure I can get the guy, that did the alignment, to dial in some negative camber. As far as tires, I’m using what I could get, there aren’t many 13" tires made anymore. Sumitomos have been recommended for an upgrade. I believe I’m using 13XR165, again it was a radial size recommended by forum posts and they were not expensive, from Merchants Tire. Another mechanic friend also recommended looking into upgrading those also, but there is that budget problem again. Looking for best results, for limited funds, rather than "perfect" ride for a new mortgage.
This gets me back to my original question. Is there an explaination as to why the tech sections recomendations for replacement shocks are such large heavy vehicles? Are these good recommendations? Any experiences w/using the recommended, tech section, shocks. Getting good resonably priced shocks for the Alpine is impossible, getting good reasonably priced shocks for old Caddys and Buicks seems to be much easier.