The rear window was taped,I learned from running at the track that it would pop out at 135-140mph.
The Lat hood had locks , I replaced them with pins for the race.
The transmission is a T5 with a G Force gear set and upgraded main shaft. The overdrive is .75
The rear tires were BFG 225/50 15 DRs.
I had to leave the wipers on , the class I was running – Super Street – required the car to be street legal with proof of insurance. There was no doubt my Tiger was a street car since I drove round trip 90 miles all three days to the event.

You are correct, I was speed limited due to safety equipment. To go to the next speed break – 175mph , I would need a full roll cage and a fire system. I would also need a wing to go faster , the back end became light above 150mph.
The motor makes 410rwhp and 380 rwtq.

The green Tiger is now retired from land speed racing. I’ll use it for AutoX and the drag strip. I do have another Tiger I’m building as a track car which I can make legal for 175mph in LSR. The plan is to have that Tiger ready by next year.