Let me add my congratulations along with the others! A beautiful fast car for sure. Please don’t bring it to the salt flats though. Rust happens there; ask me how I know, lol… It has been a while since I messed with ECTA so let me ask why they limited you to your 150 speed. I am guessing that the safety gear is similar to that used by the USFRA in their 150 mph club at World of Speed. That’s just a guess though. Nice run at 162 also. Any plans on going faster, say at the Tex Mile in Goliad, Tx?

What engine combo are you running? HP? Tq?

I am putting together a 260 for this years efforts on the salt if I can get it done in time. Pistons were delayed 6 weeks, bummer. Shooting for over 200 with a 260! No turbo either… normally aspirated.

Again, congratulations on a fine effort with an ECTA record!

Larry Mayfield
worlds fastest Sunbeam. period.
204.913 moph flying mile average
210.779 mph top exit speed